The Mathematics Department’s senior thesis presentations in the Spring of 2017 will be from 1 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. Friday afternoons in the Argue Auditorium, Millikan 1051 according to the schedule below. There are two exceptions. On Friday Feb. 17, the seminar will run from noon to 1:45 p.m. (to accommodate Econ Majors) with lunch being served starting at 11:30 a.m. There will be no seminar on March 10 (the day before spring break) but instead there will be a seminar on Thursday March 9, from 4:15 to 6 p.m. and dinner will be served. We are on a tight schedule and we ask all participants to arrive on time. Each speaking slot is 20 minutes and this includes 2-3 minutes for questions and answers. Speakers should arrive 30 minutes early to make sure that their talk is uploaded and ready to go before the seminar begins. Any two willing students can switch their spots and they can do so by informing Kathy Sheldon in person and in a timely fashion. Two important dates to remember are February 15, 2017 (complete draft of the Thesis due), and April 12, 2017 (the final copy of the Thesis due).

Feel free to invite friends and family to join us for your senior presentation. We ask the audience not to use or turn on laptops, tablets, phones, or other distracting electronic equipment during the presentations. 

No. Date Seniors Advisor Topic
1 Jan. 20 Fukutaki, Kai Gabe Chandler Getting to the Core of Vector Machines
2 Jan. 20 Liu, Lily Vin de Silva Topological Data Analysis
3 Jan. 20 Choi, WonHyuk Sam Nelson Knot Invariant Enhancements to Biquasiles on Dual Graph Diagrams
4 Jan. 20 Zhang, Yenny Jo Hardin Integrating Random Forests into the Bag of Little Bootstraps
5 Jan. 27 Novikova, Anna Blake Hunter Dynamic Topic Modeling
6 Jan. 27 Sawyer, Luke Ghassan Sarkis Distribution of Residues in the Pisano Sequence
7 Jan. 27 Wang, Vannessa Gizem Karaali The College Admissions Problem: Revisited
8 Jan. 27 Castillo, Alejandra Ami Radunskaya Manifold Learning for Flow Cytometry Data
9 Feb. 3 Yu, Song Erica Flapan Symmetries of Graphs in Homology Spheres
10 Feb. 3 Wattananimitgul, Natt Blerta Shtylla Simulating diffusion-limited reactions in mathematical biology
11 Feb. 3 Gilbert, Logan Ángel Chávez Bayesian Discovery of Threat Networks
12 Feb. 10 Smirnov, Dima Vin de Silva SimpleX: Software tools for visualizing functions on simplicial complexes
13 Feb. 10 Selker, Leo Vin de Silva

Möbius Inversion

14 Feb. 10 Jaime, Ian Gabe Chandler Stochastic Volatility Modeling: Time Series and Differential Equation Methods
15 Feb. 10 Smith, Julia Gizem Karaali Evaluating Problem-Based Mathematics Curricula, Grades 9-12
16 Feb. 17 Racheva, Ralitsa Sam Miner Counting cliques generated by adding edges to Turán graphs 
17 Feb. 17 Lu, Yichen Susan Martonosi A vehicle routing problem in real world
18 Feb. 17 Lu, Benji Jo Hardin Constructing Prediction Intervals for Random Forests
19 Feb. 17 Martinez, Maria Jo Hardin RNA Clustering through the Expectation Maximization (EM) Algorithm
20 Feb. 24 Driscoll, Molly Ghassan Sarkis Identifying and using supersingular elliptic curves
21 Feb. 24 Lanker, Nic Shahriar Shahriari Graph Polynomials
22 Feb. 24 Epstein, Zivvy Blake Hunter Data representation with low rank, real valued matrices
23 March 3 Voloshinov, Anastasia Shahriar Shahriari Spectral Sparsification of Graphs
24 March 3 Gardner, Abby Kim Ayers Variation of Parameters in Crime Dynamics Modeling
25 March 3 Roy, Nathanael Mark Huber Multiple-Population Genetic Algorithms
26 March 9 He, Adam

Erica Flapan

A Topological Model of Lasso Proteins

27 March 9 Kuture, Beauttie Shahriar Shahriari Exploiting orbits to solve symmetric ILPs
28 March 9 Williamson, Christina Gabe Chandler Gaussian Process Regression: A Nonparametric Bayesian Modeling Approach
29 March 9 Warley, Jackson Kenji Kozai Random Knots via Simplex Embeddings
30 March 24 Hathaway, Adam Gizem Karaali Algebraic Models of Logic in Quantum Mechanics
31 March 24 Kim, John Sangyeob Adolfo Rumbos Mathematical Modeling of Antimicrobial Resistance
32 March 24 Tran, Paul Adolfo Rumbos Mathematically Modeling the Dynamics of Tuberculosis
33 March 24 Yuan, Wentao Vin de Silva Functional Representation of Maps Between Shapes
34 April 7 Schaaff, Tim Stephan Garcia Triangle Factors in Random Graphs
35 April 7 Campbell, Eric Michael Greenberg Finite Temporal Logic
36 April 7 Kim, Ruby Ami Radunskaya Stability Analysis of a Tumor-Immune Model