2020 Mathematics Majors

February 14

Senior Advisor Topic
Bharath Kodungudi Edray Goins​  Group Theory of Rubik’s Polyhedra
Adam Rees Gabriel Chandler   Gaussian Process Regression in the NBA
Michelle Li Ghassan Sarkis

So You Think You GAN Dance:

Synthetic dance video generation using deep learning

Connor Ford Vin de Silva Synchronized Swimming: Circular Motion with the Vicsek Model
Zakiya Jones Shahriar Shahriari Parking Functions
Nolan McCafferty Jo Hardin Style Transfer with Neural Networks

February 21

Senior Advisor Topic
Amy Watt Jo Hardin The Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for RNA-Sequencing Alignment 
Seena Huang Gabriel Chandler Audio Language Classification  
Lindsey Tam Blerta Shtylla Biological Applications of the Kalman Filter  
Danny Rosen Vin de Silva An Investigation of Human Knots and Links
Jordan Huard Gizem Karaali Algorithmically Generating Harmonic Progressions for a "New" Bebop Standard
Ben Moats​ Edray Goins Visualizations of Hyperbolic Geometry

February 28

Senior Advisor Topic
Rachel Yang Shahriar Shahriari Combinatorial Search and Vapnik–Chervonenkis Dimension
Helen Lan Jo Hardin Multiple Comparison Test: Controlling False Positives  
Gillian Meyer Adolfo Rumbos Game Theoretical Models for Gun Control Policy
Desiree Koontz​ Ami Radunskaya Statistical Models with Differential Equations
Isys Johnson Edray Goins Action Recognition of Highly Dynamic Videos using Time Series Classification
Huey Sun Ghassan Sarkis The Limits of Transfer Learning

March 6

Senior Advisor Topic
Corina Oroz Blerta Shtylla & CGU Clinic Using Support Vector Machines to Predict Atomic Scale Fracture in Silica-Based Glasses
Jack Hanley​ Gabriel Chandler Applying Multivariate Functional Principal Component Analysis to Baseball Swing Data  
Preet Khowaja Shahriar Shahriari The Art Gallery Problem and Variations
Helen Guo Maryann Hohn​ Diffusion on Dynamic Networks
Anil Cengiz Adolfo Rumbos Pattern Formation in Reaction-Diffusion Systems

April 3

Senior Advisor Topic
Ahlbie Squire​ Stephan Garcia The Collatz Conjecture and Other Mysteries
Colin McCalla Edray Goins Mastering 2D Video Games with Neural Networks  
Will Abele Gizem Karaali Determining Causality: An Instrumental Approach
Cecelia Sanborn​ Gabriel Chandler Finding Holes in High Dimensional Data
Gabriel da Motta Joseph Osborn Optimizing Graphs: Techniques for Improving Algorithmic Performance
Elise Koskelo​ Ami Radunskaya​ Stochastic Resonance of Quantized Systems

April 10

Senior Advisor Topic
Thomas Anastos​ Weiqing Gu Comovement: Capturing Systematic Alpha
Ezequiel Estrada Ami Radunskaya   Math and Identity: Narratives
Dominic Mensah Adolfo Rumbos​

Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Games:

Application of Cooperative Game Theory

Riley Fang​ Vin de Silva

Improving the Sudoku Solver:

Assisted Backtracking and the Unsolved Question

Nate Stringham​ Mike Izbicki​ Learning Word Embeddings for a Latin Corpus

April 17

Senior Advisor Topic
Liam O'Shea Stephan Garcia The Eigenvalues of Cayley Digraphs Associated to Heisenberg Groups
Sofia Buzeti Ami Radunskaya Predicting Dynamic Network Core Stabilizations
Cristal Quiñones​ Shahriar Shahriari When Ring Theory Meets Graph Theory: Zero Divisors and Their Graphs
Fernando Barceló​ Jorge Moreno The Mass Distribution of the First Stars
Gustavo Galo​ Blerta Shtylla Using mathematical modeling to find optimal drug combinations

April 24

Senior Advisor Topic
Ira Norton-Westbrook Stephan Garcia Sets to Numbers: A Journey in Axiomatic Set Theory
Zach Senator Jo Hardin Random Forests and Beyond  
Sophie Richards Ami Radunskaya Modeling Overdose Prevention Sites in Philadelphia
Bella Senturia​ Gizem Karaali Towards a New Characterization of the Weak Order
Dillon Jacob Adolfo Rumbos Modeling Event Data in Association Soccer

May 15

Senior Advisor Topic
Jasmine David Adolfo Rumbos Age-Structured Epidemic Models of Infectious Disease