The Mathematics Department's senior thesis presentations in the Spring of 2018 will be from 1:00 pm to 2:45 pm Friday afternoons in the Argue Auditorium, Millikan 1051 and the Emmy Noether Room, Millikan 1021  according to the schedule below. There will be no seminar on March 9 (the day before spring break) but instead there will be a seminar on Thursday March 8, from 4:30 to 5:30 pm.  Each speaking slot is 20 minutes and this includes 2-3 minutes for questions and answers.  Speakers should arrive 30 minutes early to make sure that their talk is uploaded and ready to go before the seminar begins.  Two important dates to remember are February 14, 2018 (complete draft of the Thesis due), and April 11, 2018  (the final copy of the Thesis due). Feel free to invite friends and family to join us for your senior presentation. We ask the audience not to use or turn on laptops, tablets, phones, or other distracting electronic equipment during the presentations.

Date Seniors Advisor Topic
Jan. 26 Duncan Skerrett Omayra Ortega Modeling Malaria: The Deterministic Approach
Jan. 26 Peter Xenopoulos Jo Hardin Feature Selection for Class Imbalance
Jan. 26 Bryce Rogan Omayra Ortega Learning to Fail: Predicting Brittle Fracture Evolution
Jan. 26 Ho Bin Kim Adolfo Rumbos Modeling Tumor Growth in Breast Cancer Patients
Jan. 26 Robin Pollak Vin de Silva Topological Models for Concurrent Programming
Jan. 26 Adam Starr Vin de Silva Fair Voting
Feb 2 Kayla Cummings Susan Martonosi Operation Research to Model Government Influence on Vaccine Prices
Feb 2 Errol Francis Robin Wilson Black In Math: A Critical Analysis of the Pomona College Math Department through the Black Male Lens
Feb 2 Alan Peral Ortiz Shahriar Shahriari Locating Parks with a Multiobjective Optimization Method
Feb 2 Alex Hof Shahriar Shahriari Chain Partitions of the Boolean Lattice
Feb 2 Soren Aletheia-Zomlefer Stephan Garcia The Bateman-Horn Conjecture
Feb 2 Chenxiao Song Mark Huber Strong Stationary Stopping Time of Random Walks
Feb 9 Campbell Queen Ghassan Sarkis The Fibonacci Sequence Modulo M
Feb 9 Siddarth Kannan Dagan Karp Intersection theory on moduli spaces of weighted stable curves via tropical geometry
Feb 9 Adam Staplemann Mark Huber The CPRAR algorithm
Feb 9 Chris Donnay Stephan Garcia On the Density of Quotient Sets Generated by Binary Quadratic Forms in the p-adics
Feb 9 Jason Twohy Ellie Dannenberg Generating Sets for the Mapping Class Group Mod(S)
Feb 9 Derek Huang Vin de Silva When Number Theory Meets Combinatorics
Feb 16 Yu Xuan Hong Vin de Silva Invariant Measures on Convex Sets: On Minkowski Sums and Mixed Volumes
Feb 16 Yiqi Zhao Blerta Shtylla How Mutation Order Affects Cancer
Feb 16 Max Schwarzer CGU Clinic Learning to Fail: Predicting Fracturing in Brittle Materials with Deep Learning
Feb 16 Adam Hinthorne Gabe Chandler Missing Data in NCAA Division III Baseball
Feb 16 Kalyan Chadalavada HMC Clinic Partial Least Squares Regressions: Football Projection Model
Feb 16 Cade Hulse HMC Clinic Operations Research & Supply Chain Management
Feb 23 Jacob Gomez Gizem Karaali Ethnomathematics: Rethinking critical pedagogies for mathematics education
Feb 23 Grant Belsterling HMC Clinic Time Series
Feb 23 Amina Abdu Adolfo Rumbos Optimal Transport Theory for Equilibrium Selection in Discrete Games
Feb 23 Edwin Villafane Hernandez Blake Hunter Detecting Communities Through Cultural Analytics and Multilayered Networks
Feb 23 Samuel Yih Stephan Garcia Factorization Length Distribution in Numerical Semigroups
Feb 23 Evan Schechter Asuman Aksoy Banach Spaces and Bernstein Pairs
March 2 Vanessa Machuca Ami Radunskaya Age-Structured Modeling of Antarctic Fish Populations
March 2 Claire Fan Ami Rad/Blerta Shtylla Modeling Sociality in Nephila clavipes Spider
March 2 Tiannan Du Allon Percus Word Embedding and Its Applications
March 2 Jeffrey Carney HMC Clinic Optical Character Recognition with Neural Networks
March 2 Yufeng Hu Omayra Ortega Epidemiological Compartment Models of Malaria
March 8 Ashley Simons Talithia Williams Topic Modeling the New York Times: A New Look at World War II
March 8 Jacob Shore Gabe Chandler Modeling Westward Expansion through Filaments
March 8 Ben Gregory Kim Ayers Symbolic Dynamics of Smale's Horseshoe
March 8 Gillian Desmond Vin de Silva Error-Correcting Codes: Hidden Geometry
March 8 Madhura Jayaraman William Devanny Monster Packing Theorem
March 8 Austin Wei Vin de Silva Recurrence and Combinatorial Number Theory
March 23 Andi Chen Vin de Silva Impartial Gamers’ Guide to Winning
March 23 Nurullah Goren Gizem Karaali Quantitative Literacy in Context: Insights from Textbook Analysis
March 23 Nicholas Vucovich Ami Radunskaya Modeling Warfare
March 23 Nick Azar Omayra Ortega Methods of Malaria Modeling - Stochastic Processes
March 23 Chris Barnes Jo Hardin Neural Style Transfer
March 23 Paul Westcott Adolfo Rumbos Optimization of Common Pool Resource Games Using Control Theory
April 6 Erin Angelini Blerta Shtylla An Energy-Based Model of Mitotic Spindle Alignment
April 6 Ethan Matlin Ami Rad/Blerta Shtylla The Social Spider: An Agent-based Model for Clustering Behavior
April 6 Luis Espino Jo Hardin Racism without a Face: Predictive Statistics in the Criminal Justice System
April 6 Chaitanya Fatehpuria Angelo De Pace Modeling the Dynamic Conditional Correlation between India and United States Stock Markets with Multivariate GARCH models
April 6 James Kinney Gabe Chandler Boosting in the Context of a New Regression Algorithm
April 6 Neel Adhiraj Kumar Vin de Silva Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence for 2048
April 13 Amy Oden Shahriar Shahriari Evaluating Efficiency with Data Envelopment Analysis
April 13 Timothy Woods II Ami Rad/Blerta Shtylla Modeling Spider Behavior: An investigation of Spider Clustering
April 13 Noah Keshner Gabe Chandler From Training to Test: A Way to Characterize Expected Performance on Future Data
April 13 Shreyas Kadaba HMC Clinic Methods for Optimizing Supply Chain Management
April 13 Kadija Yilla Ami Radunskaya Analyzing Cascades in Social Networks
April 13 Kashvi Tibrewal Jo Hardin Learning from Loss Functions: An Alternative Approach to Classification