Mathematics and Statistics Senior Thesis Talks

Congratulations 2023 Mathematics Majors

Date Speaker
Fri 1/27 Deen Amanat (Sample Complexity of Reinforcement Learning)
Julie Ye (Permutation Tests in Multiple Linear Regression)
Nicholas Nguyen (Optimizing the Number of Signals in Two-Sided Matching Problems)
Fri 2/3 Nathaniel Getachew (Latent Dirichlet Allocation: Topic Modeling and Automatically Ranking Topics)
Guy Thampakkul (Depth Quantile Functions in Unsupervised Learning)
Meli Kofokotsiou (The Ontological Question of Mathematics Through the Lens of The Continuum Hypothesis)
Fri 2/10 Chris Meng (Connecting the Racial Counternarratives of Black and Asian Math Students)
Anna Choi (Finding Chromatic Polynomials through Rook Theory)
Summer Will (Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique)
John King (The Complexity of Tetris)
Fri 2/17 EXCITING CONFERENCE AT POMONA (attendance for CUC students free)
Conference on Strengthening Community in Research Mathematics
Fri 2/24
Complete Thesis
Draft Due
Jiahui Yu (Convergence of Ideals and modules of C*-algebras)
Gabriela Guerrero (Brownian Motion and Predicting Stock Market Prices)
Vera Berger (Methods For Building an Empirical Model of Stellar Flares)
Kamden Baer (An Exploration of Mathematical Methods in the Study of Language)
Alan Guo (Exploring the Dovetail Shuffle)
Fri 3/3 Carl Bell (An Investigation into Lattices)
Ziang Xue (Chebyshev Polynomial and Application in Modeling)
Drumee Shah (Differential Equations and Civil Wars)
Pich Peou (Mathematical Analysis of Memory Game)
Olivia Leu (Mathematical Methods for Analysis of Political Redistricting Practices)
Fri 3/10 NO CLASS
Fri 3/24 Ian Krupkin (Prediction Error Estimation in Random Forests)
Irmak Bukey (Solving Laplace's Equation Using Representation Theory of Reduction Algebras)
Andrew Shannon (The Diffie-Hellman Problem in Lie Superalgebras)
Jake Gladstone (Landmark Theorems of Category Theory)
Alan Zhou (Smooth Filament Estimation)
Fri 4/7 Bayarmaa Nyamtogtokh (Combinatorial Game Theory As It Applies To Card Game 108)
Fiona Hall (Dendrograms Through the Lens of Algebraic Topology)
Aditya Bhalla (Benders Decomposition and its Application to Vaccine Drone Delivery)
Rohan Lopez (Adinkras: Graphical Representations of 1-d Supersymmetry)
Xuwen (Kevin) Hua (Using Game Theory to Model Human Irrationality)
Fri 4/14
Final Thesis
Draft Due
Jackson Hurley (Random Vector Norms)
Julia Dou (Differential equations of love )
Joshua Suh (The Sound of Pi)
Charlotte Cheah (Attack and defence group games)
Fri 4/21 Tianna Couch (Using Epidemiological Models to Assess the Opioid Epidemic)
Patrick Lewis (De Rham's Theorem)
Sadie Zhao (Fisher Markets with Social Influence)
Mohsin Ali Butt
Kristin Walters (Mathematics and Sound)
Fri 5/5