Mathematics and Statistics Senior Thesis Talks

Congratulations 2024 Mathematics Majors

Fri 2/2Mason Cai (Quandle actions and knot invariants)
Zachary Hinz (Error-correcting codes: a brief introduction)
Zoe Batterman (From permutations to paths: monodromy groups)
Ian Horsburgh (Generative diffusion models)
Fri 2/9Dashiell Lipsey (Autocorrelation of errors in time-series analysis)
John Arrowsmith (Applications of hierarchical linear models)
Harry Berman (Music generation with generative adversarial nets)
Alex Kehlani Fay (Catching everything everywhere one at a time with an anthropomorphic robotic hand)
Fri 2/16Elizbeth Sohn (Modeling ropinirole across the blood- brain barrier)
Saatvik Kher (Exploring Neighborhoods: Locality in LIME Interpretations)
Matthew Ong (Statistical analysis and dimensionality reduction of protein sequences)
Brianna Huynh (What's Behind a Grade? A Comparative Study on Faculty Rationale for Grading)

Fri 2/23

Complete Thesis Draft Due

Emely Calderon (Hahn-Banach theorem and welfare)
Dean Ah Now (The prevalence of Braess' Paradox)
John Hamre (Fractals in non-Euclidean geometries)
Louis Burns (Ehrhart theory of smoe signed poset polytopes)
Fri 3/1Sara Colando (Selecting ChIP-seq normalization methods from the perspective of their technical conditions)
Brendan Kish (Morphogenesis and Rxn-diffusion equations)
Carson Hambuchen (Nim and its applications to other combinatorial games)
Isaac Pan (Ancestry through Directed Graphs)
Fri 3/8No class (Day before Spring Break)
Fri 3/15Spring Break
Fri 3/22Ulisses Rizo (Symbiont effect on seed dispersal kernel estimation)
Anuradha Krishnan (“All disease begins in the gut” - Presenting a computational model of the Gut-Brain Axis and Tryptophan- Serotonin Pathway)
Fangqian Zhang (Rational matrix semigroups)
Tesfa Asmara (Algebraic topology with applications to Colonel Blotto)
Fri 3/29Cesar Chavez Day
Fri 4/5Gordon Elnagar (A Game Theoretic Approach to Drone Warfare)
Kevin Loun (Optimizing CNN's for gastric cancer)
Joram Amador (Change in beliefs over time)
Noah Benjamin (Exposition on the variational approach to prove existence of solutions for a 2-point boundary value problem)

Fri 4/12 

Final Thesis Draft Due

Oscar Scholin (Tensor Convolutional Transformer for Quantum Circuit Decomposition with Application to N=10 SYK Hamiltonians)
Nico Candido (The most dangerous problem in mathematics)
Kabir Kothari (Combinatorial game theory and some examples)
Emil Adams (Common value auctions and theory)
Fri 4/19No class (Tentative)
Fri 4/26No class (Alumni Weekend)
Fri 5/3