Welcome to the Mathematics and Statistics Department

We welcome any potential math majors to the department. If you haven't declared math yet but would like to get emails about our events, please email Liz Gutierrez with your full name and class year. If you are a potential math major and would like to be on our poster, please submit a high resolution photo to Liz early in the fall semester.

2021-2022 Liaisons

Hello! We are your Spring 2022 Math Liaisons! We will be hosting virtual social and academic events this semester for the math community. Additionally, our role will be to liaise with math faculty if you have any questions or concerns about academic issues. We are committed to supporting and connecting with all math students and we will strive to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. Feel free to reach out to any of us and talk about anything on your mind, math related or not!

Sarah Kim ’22

Hi! My name is Sarah and I study Mathematics and Politics at Pomona college. My interests lie in modeling data and artificial intelligence. I am currently working on a thesis on topological data analysis, which studies the shape of data through collating and counting "holes" in graph representations of data. I can use three words to describe why I like math: math is creative, liberating, and full of surprises! My favorite part about being a math major here at Pomona is the community here. I love the diversity in our department and the environment that encourages interdisciplinary learning. My interests outside of math include law, public policy, and music. When I was studying abroad at Cambridge, UK, I studied criminal law and contract law. I am also passionate about the comfort women issue. I hope to get to know you and your interests too! Welcome to the math department :-)

Lauren Quesada ’22

Hey all! My name is Lauren and I'm from a small-ish island in Washington. I am a senior Math major on the Statistics track, and if you haven't had me in a class or as a mentor, you probably will before I graduate! I really love Math for its applications, especially in fields like Linguistics and Astronomy.

If you're ever in need of someone to read over an application, don't know where to apply for REUs or how to get PCIP funding, I'm your girl! As part of the FLI community, I like to think I've gotten good at the ins and outs of applications and administration. Math is hard for all of us, and if there's anything you need, I'm here to help.

Other than that, I'm usually obsessively liking/disliking songs on my Discover Weekly so one day Spotify will just get it right​. I play club soccer, and I have a super anxious dog who loves to sleep (she's here if you need her too)!

Arm Wonghirundacha ’22

Hi everyone. My name is Arm and I am from Bangkok, Thailand but I also spent 5 years of high school in England. I am a senior math major and I enjoy taking classes in all concentrations of math. I decided to major in math because of the incredibly supportive math community of faculty and students at Pomona. In my free time I enjoy watching k-dramas, listening to k-pop and watching NBA. I’m super excited to be a math liaison and hope to be a resource for everyone who may have questions about the math department or life at Pomona in general!

Jiahui Yu ’23

Hi everyone! My name is Jiahui Yu and I’m from Wuhan, China. I am a sophomore math major and I’m not yet sure of my track. It is the enjoyable experience I have at Pomona math department and the support our department gives to me (especially during the pandemic) that made me decide to pursue math as my career. Math and Pomona math department make my life during the pandemic much more supportable. I like to go hiking in my free time. I am extremely excited to be a math liaison this semester and I hope to make everyone’s experience at the math department even better.

Tianna Couch ’23

Katiana Wieser ’24

Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter

The student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics at Pomona College strives for gender equity in mathematics by coordinating resource-sharing and community-building events. Recent highlights include technical workshops on mathematical programming languages, attending the AWM Research Symposium, as well as themed lunches with special guests. This year, the agenda will also include discussions on equity and inclusiveness in mathematics, student panels on topics such as research and post-graduate opportunities, professional development oriented events, and more! Anyone is welcome to get involved by reaching out to us through Facebook--be sure to like our page!