Welcome to the Mathematics and Statistics Department

We welcome any potential math majors to the department. If you haven't declared math yet but would like to get emails about our events, please email Liz Gutierrez with your full name and class year. If you are a potential math major and would like to be on our poster, please submit a high resolution photo to Liz early in the fall semester.

2022-2023 Liaisons

Zoë Batterman ’24

Hi! My name is Zoë Batterman, I'm a junior math major, and I was adopted from China and raised in New Orleans. My interest in math lies in conducting research. Last year, I constructed a notion of distance on algebraic objects known as C*-algebra Ideals under the guidance of Professor Aguilar. In addition, this past summer, I participated in Professor Edray Goins' Pomona Research in Mathematics Experience, and alongside two undergraduates, I investigated the intricate relationship between Belyi Maps, Dessins d'Enfants, and Monodromy Groups. Pomona's math department holds a special place in my heart because Professors are excited to make their research accessible to undergraduates. As a math liaison, I'm excited to connect students to resources inside and outside of the department, and I find it especially rewarding to help students strategize about their path. Outside of math, I hike, fence, and play the piano. I'm also the Junior Head Writing Partner of Science for the Writing Center, and I'm creating a math writing workshop to make math more accessible! Cheers to meeting you!

Vera Berger ’23

Hi everyone! My name is Vera and I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’m a senior math major on the general track, I'm interested in a range of topics from combinatorics to machine learning, and my thesis is focused on the theory of unsupervised learning algorithms and applications to data for stars.

While I didn't come into college with much math background (or even planning to be a math major), I loved the collaborative nature of the department. As a liaison, I’m here to answer any of your questions about course selection, navigating office hours, starting research, finding and applying to summer opportunities, and anything else under the sun.

Tianna Couch ’23

Hi! My name is Tianna Tuesday Couch, and I am from Long Island, New York. I am a senior math major on the statistics track minoring in history. I am passionate about using math and data to solve complex problems surrounding public health and environmental justice. This past summer I worked as a research intern at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York studying congenital heart disease using computational statistical methods.

I became a math liaison because I have enjoyed and benefited from the collaborative community we have here at Pomona, and I wanted to get to know even more math students! I am dedicated to making math a more inclusive space and promoting conversations about social justice and reform inside STEM fields.

I like talking math, research, and all sorts of other things so I hope to connect with you through the programming we have this year!

Brianna Huynh ’24

Hi! My name is Brianna Huynh and I’m a transfer student from Sacramento, California. I am a junior Math major on the General Math track. My interests lie in math education and, more generally, educational policy.

My favorite part of the math department is its supportive & welcoming community. From Friday math lunches to Wednesday night snacks, there are so many opportunities to connect with members of the department. I look forward to meeting you and showing you what it means to be part of Pomona’s math community.

Outside of the math department, I am involved in sports and student clubs. I compete for Pomona-Pitzer’s track & field team, volunteer with PAYS, and am a member of Claremont’s student worker alliance.

Kabir Kothari ’24

Hey guys, my name is Kabir. I’m a junior at Pomona from Mumbai, India and I’m on the General Math Track. I love the math department here because it’s so collaborative. I think I spend more time in Estella than I do in my room, either working in a mentor session, hosting a mentor session, or at the chess club. Outside of math, you may see me playing soccer, volleyball or basketball, so feel free to talk to me about math research / sports or anything else!

Malike Conteh ’24

Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter

The student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics at Pomona College strives for gender equity in mathematics by coordinating resource-sharing and community-building events. Recent highlights include technical workshops on mathematical programming languages, attending the AWM Research Symposium, as well as themed lunches with special guests. This year, the agenda will also include discussions on equity and inclusiveness in mathematics, student panels on topics such as research and post-graduate opportunities, professional development oriented events, and more! Anyone is welcome to get involved by reaching out to us through Facebook--be sure to like our page!