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Molecular Biology Program

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Pomona College is unusual among liberal arts colleges in having a concentration dedicated to the study of molecular biology, one of the most rapidly advancing areas in the natural sciences. This interdisciplinary major is supported by faculty in both the biology and chemistry departments and was made possible by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Under the auspices of the grant, a new faculty position in molecular biology was created and the College obtained state-of-the-art equipment for teaching and research.

Molecular biology seeks to understand the processes involved with and regulating the biochemistry of cells, gene expression, and cell structure and function. Gaining first-hand experience in research is a major goal of the concentration, and students have access to the sophisticated equipment resources of the biology and chemistry departments. In their Junior year, majors enroll in Molecular Biology Laboratory, where they use the latest recombinant DNA and molecular biology techniques such as DNA and protein gel electrophoresis, Southern and Western blots, chromatin immunoprecipitation and polymerase chain reactions. In upper level courses or in their research projects students get hands on experience in microarray technology, quantitative PCR, NMR, pulse field gel electrophoresis, protein purification, etc.

Maria Cristina (Tina) Negritto Assistant Professor and Coordinator Molecular Biology Program (909) 607-9632
André CavalcantiAssociate Professor of Biology (909) 607-0003
Cris CheneyAssociate Professor of Biology (909) 621-8605
Edward CraneAssociate Professor of Biology (909) 607-9634
Laura HoopesProfessor of Biology (909) 607-7438
Malkiat JohalProfessor of Chemistry (909) 607-4253
Jane LiuAssistant Professor of Chemistry (909) 607-8832
Daniel MartínezProfessor of Biology (909) 607-7926
Daniel O'LearyProfessor of Chemistry (909) 621-8444
Sara OlsonAssistant Professor of Biology (909) 607-0072
Karen ParfittAssociate Professor of Neuroscience (909) 621-8604
Matthew SazinskyAssociate Professor of Chemistry (909) 607-1011
Cynthia SelassieProfessor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of the College (909) 621-8446
Lenny SeligmanProfessor and Chair of Biology (909) 621-8608
Bruce TelzerProfessor of Biology (909) 621-8215
Gail SundbergAcademic Department Coordinator (909) 607-2950

Mailing AddressPomona College, Molecular Biology, 175 W. 6th Street, Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 607-9632

Campus LocationRichard C. Seaver Biology Building, 221