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The Politics Department

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The Politics Department encourages students to explore several sub-fields and approaches, as well as to venture beyond the boundaries of politics to study economics, history, psychology and the other social sciences. The department’s offerings are organized around the sub-fields of political theory, American politics, comparative politics and international relations.

The department also affords students opportunities to experience politics at the practical level through participation in the Washington Semester Program or through the Public Policy Analysis Program.

Mieczyslaw BoduszynskiAssistant Professor (909) 607-8754Carnegie 18
Pamela BromleyAssistant Professor (909) 607-7833Pearsons 1
Elizabeth CrightonProfessor (909) 621-8781Carnegie 21
Pierre EnglebertProfessor and International Relations Coordinator (909) 607-2496Carnegie 5
Miriam FeldblumVP and Dean of Students and Professor (909) 607-2248Alexander 101
Lorn FosterProfessor (909) 607-2263Carnegie 1
Heidi HaddadAssistant Professor (909) 607-8751Carnegie 3
Amanda Hollis-BruskyAssistant Professor (909) 607-8296Carnegie 6
Susan McWilliamsAssociate Professor (909) 607-0873Carnegie 8
David J. Menefee-LibeyProfessor of Politics (909) 607-9323Carnegie 4
John SeeryProfessor (909) 607-2458Carnegie 19
Philip StreichVisiting Assistant Professor (909) 607-1211Carnegie 10
Heather WilliamsAssociate Professor and Department Chair (909) 607-3088Carnegie 9
Richard WorthingtonProfessor (909) 607-3529Carnegie 102
Emeriti Faculty
David ElliottProfessor Emeritus
Leo  FlynnProfessor Emeritus
Lee McDonaldProfessor EmeritusBaldwin House
Adjunct/Performance Faculty
Douglas CarnahanVisiting (909) 607-9379CA 10
Ann QuinleyVisiting (909) 607-8781CA 21
Evelyn KhaliliAdministrative Assistant (909) 607-2448Carnegie 106
Student Liaisons
Daniel Mynick
Sarah Westcott

Mailing AddressPomona College, Politics, 425 N. College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 607-2448

Fax(909) 607-1274

Campus LocationCarnegie Building