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Science, Technology and Society

The Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Program of the Claremont Colleges examines the character and cultural significance of science and technology through interdisciplinary studies in science, humanities and social sciences.

Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps offer an STS concentration or major. Pomona and Pitzer also offer minors in STS. Harvey Mudd students may concentrate through one of these colleges or may design an Independent Program of Studies in STS at Harvey Mudd.  CMC students have completed the program as an off-campus major

All majors/concentrations include:

  • Four “science and technology practice” courses (science and/or engineering)
  • Four STS “context and theory” courses in historical studies, philosophy, and social science approaches
  • Three “concentration” courses on an S&T issue or in a cognate discipline; this can include an optional thesis
  • STS 190, Senior Integrative Seminar (senior exercise)
Laura  PeriniProgram Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Philosophy (909) 607-5095Pearsons 209, Pomona College
Richard WorthingtonProfessor of Politics (on Sabbatical) (909) 607-3529Carnegie 102, Pomona College
Ann DavisProfessor of Philosophy (909) 607-1695Pearsons 210, Pomona College
Marianne de LaetAssociate Professor of Anthropology (909) 607-3812Parsons 1259, Harvey Mudd College
Vivien HamiltonAssistant Professor of Humanities (909) 607-7997Parsons 1266, Harvey Mudd College
Geoffrey HerreraFletcher Jones Associate Professor of Political Studies (909) 607-6217Bernhard 217, Pitzer College
Brian KeeleyProfessor of Philosophy (909) 607-4235Broad Hall 107, Pitzer College
Richard McKirahanEC Norton Professor Of Classics (909) 607-2912Pearsons 005, Pomona College
Bryan PenpraseFrank P. Brackett Professor of Physics and Astronomy (909) 621-8727Lincoln 2109, Pomona College
David  TanenbaumProfessor of Physics and Astronomy (909) 621-8722Millikan 119
Andre WakefieldAssociate Professor of History (909) 607-3068Scott 226, Pitzer College
Jacqueline WernimontAssistant Professor of English (909) 607-8137Dartmouth House C, Scripps College
Anne TessierAdministrative Assistant (909) 607-2348Seaver South rm. 229
Student Liaisons
Yureli Lopes '13
Charlie Yates

Mailing AddressPomona College, Science, Technology and Society, 609 N. College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 607-2348

Campus LocationSeaver South, 229