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Department of Theatre and Dance

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The Department of Theatre and Dance embodies the liberal arts education. Through a synthesis of body, mind and spirit, theatre and dance celebrate the community of world cultures. In an atmosphere of freedom, discipline and passion, students, faculty and staff approach intellectually and artistically great creations of the human spirit both in the classroom and in production.

The Pomona College Department of Theatre serves as the theatre program for all five undergraduate Claremont Colleges. The curriculum includes the study of theatre history and dramatic literature, performance, and design and technology.

Theatre students become proficient in devising creative solutions to complex problems. They also develop sensitivity to the interpersonal relationships inherent in the collaborative process. Thus, they are prepared for a wide variety of careers in organizations and enterprises that value these qualities. While encouraging such broad development, the department also prepares its students for further study on either the graduate and/or professional levels. Many department graduates have become successful members of the professional community as actors, dancers, designers and technicians, producers, writers, dramaturgs, teachers and administrators.

The department presents four major productions and a dance concert each year in the modern Seaver Theatre Complex. Students from all the Claremont Colleges, majors and non-majors alike, serve as performers and production personnel. The department also co-sponsors a dynamic season of student-generated productions.

James TaylorProfessor of Theatre and Department (909) 607-4383Seaver Theatre, 113
Laurie CameronProfessor of Theatre and Dance (909) 607-3629Pendleton Dance Center, 210
Arthur HorowitzAssociate Professor of Theatre and Dance (909) 607-1372Seaver Theatre, 212
Meg JolleyLecturer in Theatre and Dance (909) 621-8176Pendleton Dance Center, 210
Thomas LeabhartResident Artist and Professor of Theater (909) 607-4381Seaver Theater, 214
Sherry LinnellProfessor of Theatre and Resident Designer/Chair (909) 607-4384Seaver Theater, 211
Joyce LuAssistant Professor of Theatre and Dance (909) 607-4385Seaver Theater, 216
Giovanni OrtegaVisiting Assistant Professor of Theatre (909) 621-8186Seaver Theatre
Carolyn RatterayVisiting Assistant Professor of Theatre (909) 621-8186Seaver Theatre
Anthony ShayAssistant Professor of Theatre and Dance (909) 621-8176Pendleton Dance Center, 210
Emeriti Faculty
Leonard PronkoProfessor of Theatre emeritus
Adjunct/Performance Faculty
Margaret KempVisiting InstructorSeaver Theatre Complex
Janelle AstiMaster Electrician / Sound Engineer (909) 607-4399
Steven BarrTechnical Director (909) 607-4379Seaver Theatre, 141
Brianne ImadaAcademic Coordinator - Dance (909) 621-8176Pendleton Dance Center, 210
Michele MinerProduction Manager (909) 607-4380Seaver Theatre, 114
Suzanne Schultz ReedCostume Shop Manager (909) 607-1108Seaver Theatre, 150
Mary RosierAdministrative Assistant – Theatre (909) 607-3181Seaver Theatre, 110
Cathy SeamanProgram Administrator (909) 607-4377Seaver Theatre, 115
Student Liaisons
Anoush  BagdhaassarianCMC
Brooklyn RobinsonSCR
Ana  VillaHM
Adina WellsPI
Becki  YukmanPO

Mailing AddressPomona College, Theatre and Dance, 300 East Bonita Ave., Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 621-8186

Campus LocationSeaver Theatre