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Planning and Construction

Marston Quad

Marston Quad

Bridges Courtyard

Bridges Courtyard

Studio Art Hall

Studio Art Hall

The Pomona College Studio Art Hall is a project collaboration between Pomona College, wHY Architecture, and Hamilton Construction.

The Planning and Construction group is responsible for the management and strategic direction of the Pomona College Campus.  Our services support the long term goals of responsible growth and development from inception through construction and beyond.  In close collaboration with the other Facilities departments we manage:

  • Campus Planning
  • Capital Planning
  • Facility Information Management
  • Project Management
    • New Projects
    • Renovations

Project Highlights - Summer 2013 

Marston Renovation: 

In the heart of campus, crews were busy this summer removing concrete and asphalt along Stover Walk and 4th Street to make lighting improvements and to install underground electrical service, to support Commencement and other events on the Quadrangle, eliminating the majority of cables crossing sidewalks during major events. The area now includes a common system of brick pavers along Stover, Fourth Street and College Way.

Landscaping around Marston Quad was restored to the original plans, primarily through thinning existing plants and adding native plants to the existing landscape palate. The work will restore the open feel of the Quadrangle as it was originally designed.

Bridges Courtyard:

Several greening projects will come together around Bridges Auditorium this summer dramatically expanding green space in the center of campus. On the north side of Bridges Auditorium, a former parking was transformed with an outdoor event space and enhanced by a native landscaping palette featuring oaks and palm trees saved from other campus locations. East of Bridges, a second parking lot was removed and replaced with a redesigned Sophomore Walk in a more park-like setting with picnic tables. The permeable concrete in this area will enhance recharging of local groundwater supplies.

Seeley G Mudd:

Because the Millikan project will displace the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics and Astronomy for the next two academic years, Seeley G. Mudd was renovated to temporarily house those departments. The work in Mudd is complete and ready for use in the fall semester.

Andrea Ramella Assistant Director of Planning & Project Management (909) 621-8401 (909) 607-3937
Mark Matsumoto Project Manager (909) 621-8266 (909) 607-3937
Position Open Project Manager
Robert Robinson Assistant Vice President of FCS
(909) 607-1764 (909) 607-3937