As a residential college, Pomona takes great care in organizing, maintaining, and supervising residence hall life to ensure optimum enjoyment and safety for the students and community of the College.  The residence halls staff consists of Resident Advisors, Head Sponsors, Residence Hall Programmers and the RHS Intern. Together they assist in ensuring a quality residential program.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors (RAs) at Pomona College are students who are salaried employees on the Student Affairs staff.  Their goal is to assist in establishing a positive living environment in the residence halls.  RAs serve as the first point of contact for the personal, educational, and social needs of hall residents.  They are responsible for assisting with security, addressing emergencies, coordinating activities, working with Sponsors, counseling hall residents, working at one of the residence hall desks, and reporting damages and maintenance problems.  RAs are charged with the enforcement of college policies.

Students are obliged to cooperate with the Residence Halls Staff as they perform their duties.  It is a serious offense  to harass or intimidate an RA or to fail to comply with a request issued by an RA in the performance of their assigned responsibilities.

RA's are on call, generally, outside of regular business hours:

  • Weekdays: Monday to Thursday, 5:00pm to 8:00am the next day (i.e. Tuesday 5:00pm until Wednesday, 8:00am)
  • Weekends: Friday, 5:00pm until Monday 8:00am 

Residence Hall Fellows

The Residence Hall Fellows are responsible for major programming in the residence halls.  They develop creative plans for involving residents in important issues and educating them in order to better their quality of life.  Additionally, the fellows serve as Resident Advisor alternates in the event an RA steps down during the year.

RHS Intern

The RHS Intern is a student staff member in the Office of Housing and Residence Life who focuses on administrative and developmental support for RHS.  The Intern assists the Associate Dean of Residence Life in staff training and development, supervises RA programming and organizes formal and informal gatherings for the RHS throughout the year.

Sponsor Program

One of the most significant experiences for first year students at Pomona is living in residence as part of a sponsor group. The Sponsor Program is a residential program through which all first-year students are housed with approximately 15 other first-years led by two or three sophomore sponsors. The sponsors live in the halls with their sponsors throughout the year, with the objective of easing the transition to college by creating a safe and welcoming living environment for all first-years and increasing first year interactions with older students.

The Sponsor Program is largely student-led, supervised by the Associate Dean of Campus Life. There are five head sponsors who help to select the sponsors, house the incoming class in their sponsor groups, and lead sponsor training. The sponsor groups are created based on similar interests and lifestyles indicated by the first-year housing forms.  All incoming Pomona College first-years are automatically put into the Sponsor Program. Sponsors are prepared for this responsibility during a training program just before the school year which addresses issues of mental heath, safety, and adjustment to college.