The Office of Institutional Research administers a coordinated suite of surveys to address core needs of the College for comparative, longitudinal data on key trends in undergraduate education.  Many of these surveys are administered in concert with other private, selective colleges and universities nationally.  Collectively, they form the basis of many planning, decision-making and program review activities at the College. The current suite of core institutional surveys includes the following:

CIRP Freshman Survey

The CIRP Freshman Survey is part of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program, the oldest and largest national study of higher education. Hundreds of institutions across the country participate in this survey every year, providing longitudinal, comparative data on trends and characteristics of entering freshmen. Pomona's most recent administration of this survey was 2010.

New Students Survey (NSS)

As a complement to CIRP, NSS covers similar topics about high school background, the college decision process, and expectations for the undergraduate experience.  NSS is administered periodically in non-CIRP years to provide baseline measures that are closely aligned with other surveys in the suite (ESS, Senior Survey, and Alumni Survey).

Enrolled Students Survey (ESS)

The Enrolled Students Survey (ESS) is a survey of student engagement. It focuses on day-to-day student activities, modes of student-student and student-faculty interactions, student use of institutional resources, and environmental factors that affect engagement. It has been administered on campus in 2003, 2007, 2011 and most recently in 2015.

Perceptions of Undergraduate Life and Student Experiences (PULSE)

The PULSE is a briefer version of the Enrolled Students Survey, focusing on the most essential questions of student engagement. This survey was administered in Spring 2009.

Senior Survey

Every other year, Pomona participates in a national Senior Survey of all graduating students. Items focus on students' satisfaction with various aspects of the College and the major, their experiences during college, and their perceptions of growth and learning. It is an important tool used by the College in assessing the overall Pomona experience.

Alumni Survey

The Alumni Survey is a useful tool for tracking graduates beyond Pomona College.  Items focus on graduate/professional school, employment, reflections on the undergraduate experience, and connectedness to the College. Recent administrations of this survey include 2005, 2009, and 2012.

HERI Faculty Survey

Since 1989, more than 300,000 faculty members at more than 1100 colleges and universities nationwide have participated in the HERI Faculty Survey. The most recent administration of this survey at Pomona was 2011.

Parent Survey

The Parent Survey provides national comparative data on a number of topics, including parents' satisfaction with the College, access to information, parent-child contact, and the impact of financing a college education. This survey is administered every 5 years, with the most recent administration in 2012.