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Division of Student Affairs

Dean Feldblum

Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum

Welcome to Student Affairs at Pomona College from the Vice President and Dean of Students, Miriam Feldblum

Welcome to Pomona College!  Pomona College is a residential, liberal arts college deeply committed to providing students a full living and learning experience.  We believe that student life on campus should be as compelling, challenging, and personally satisfying as life in the classroom and lab.  Working closely with students, faculty, and staff, we in Student Affairs aim to provide services, activities, and resources that support the College's educational enterprise and support each student to learn, grow, and develop while here at Pomona.

Student Affairs Mission Statement

Student Affairs at Pomona College fosters the holistic development of students by focusing on personal and social responsibility, co-curricular education, and community engagement on and off campus.

Towards this end, we work collaboratively with students, faculty and staff with these core principles guiding us:

  • Student services will be of the highest quality and responsive to appropriate student needs
  • Student services will meet specific goals and be informed by student learning outcomes, as well as Student Affairs and other relevant theory and practice
  • A living and learning environment that is safe, healthy, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally supportive is at the core of a residential, liberal arts college experience
  • A thriving, diverse student body enhances the learning experience of all students
  • Co-curricular education develops skills for academic, personal, work, and life success
  • Meaningful community engagement and experiential learning off campus prepares students for leadership in a diverse and rapidly changing world
  • Learning how to be accountable develops maturity as well as personal and social responsibility
  • Fostering opportunities for sustained interaction and dialogue on campus among students, faculty, and staff builds community, self awareness, and mutual trust
  • Developing a sustainable campus environment encourages life-long learning and innovation
  • Building intergenerational College connections supports student development and life-long opportunities 

The Student Affairs Mission Statement was endorsed by the Student Affairs Committee on campus and the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees in March 2010

Dean of StudentsDean of Students Office (909) 607-3615(909) 607-7288
Asian American Resource CenterThe Asian American Resource Center (909) 621-8639(909) 607-7288
Campus LifeThe Office of Campus Life (909) 607-2239(909) 607-7288
Career Development OfficeThe Career Development Office (909) 621-8144(909) 607-7288
Draper CenterThe Draper Center for Community Partnerships (909) 607-8575(909) 607-7288
Queer Resource CenterThe Queer Resource Center (909) 607-1269(909) 607-7288
Smith Campus CenterThe Smith Campus Center (909) 621-8611(909) 607-7288
Women's UnionThe Women's Union (909) 621-8017(909) 607-7288

Mailing AddressPomona College, Student Affairs, 550 N. College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 621-8017

Fax(909) 607-7288

Campus LocationAlexander Hall