Pomona College welcomes applications from Claremont Colleges Consortium students for the following Pomona-administered and consortium programs:

  • Pomona College Program at International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan (fall only)
  • Pomona College Program at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (fall only)
  • Pomona College Program at Jesus College, Cambridge University, England (spring only)
  • Associated Kyoto Program in Kyoto, Japan (fall, spring, or full year)

Claremont Colleges students will need the approval of their home college to obtain credit for these programs.  

Application Procedures

Students must complete the Intent to Apply form found on Pomona’s website. After submission, students will receive a link to download the Pomona application. 

Students will need to complete the following portions of the Pomona College Application for Study Abroad:

  • Page 1: Application for Study Abroad
  • Page 2: Study Abroad Consent
  • Page 4: Curriculum Proposal. Students may submit a copy of the curriculum proposal/course approval form required by their home college in place of this form.
  • Page 6: Personal Statement and Activities. Students may substitute the essays required by their home college in place of the Pomona essays.
  • Page 8: Program Prerequisites
  • Pages 9a and 9b: Two faculty recommendation forms. Letters are required for the Cambridge and Edinburgh programs. Students may submit copies of their home school recommendation forms in place of the Pomona forms.
  • Page 10: Foreign Language Evaluation (Kyoto and Tokyo programs only). Students may submit copies of their home school language evaluation form in place of the Pomona form.
  • 3 Unofficial passport photos on photo paper, name written on back of each photo
  • Passport photocopy

Students will need to ask their home college Registrar to send two official transcripts to Pomona by Pomona’s application deadline. For the Kyoto program, the second transcript should be sent directly to the Associated Kyoto Program’s office.

Students will also need to complete a secondary application for their program.

Applicants to the Cambridge, Edinburgh, or Tokyo program must meet with a Pomona OSA advisor to discuss the program and pick up the secondary application. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to attend the information session for their chosen program.

Applicants to the Kyoto program should meet with the program faculty liaison, Peter Flueckiger. The secondary application is available on the Associated Kyoto Program’s website.