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Financial Aid

Students on Campus

Pomona's generous financial aid packages allow students of all economic backgrounds to immerse themselves in their studies and campus life.

Can you afford Pomona? The answer is yes.

With Pomona’s generous program of financial aid, no student should ever hesitate to apply because of cost. One of a handful of institutions committed to both need-blind admissions and fully funded, need-based financial aid, the College reviews each applicant entirely on the basis of academic promise, then meets 100 percent of the demonstrated need of every student admitted.

More than half of our students receive financial aid. Starting with generous scholarships—the average is about $36,000 per year—most aid packages go on to include a campus job of about 10 hours per week. Since 2008, all financial aid awards made by Pomona have been a combination of scholarships and grants and student employment.

Moreover, Pomona’s financial aid packages are individually designed to meet the particular needs and circumstances of each student. Through subsequent years and any fee changes, the College is committed to maintaining an equivalent level of support so long as the family’s finances remain the same. During 2011-12, the College awarded approximately $30 million in total aid to more than 800 of its 1,500 students.

Pomona College is committed to awarding financial aid to each enrolling student found to have financial need. A student’s financial need is not negatively considered by the Admissions Committee and does not affect the admission decision for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Pomona College actively seeks to enroll an economically diverse student body.

No student should hesitate to apply to Pomona because of cost. The College meets 100 percent of the calculated financial need for enrolling students, and all financial aid is awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need. A complete description of the Pomona College financial aid policies and procedures is contained in the Pomona College Catalog and the brochure “Affordable Excellence [pdf] .”

Further financial aid inquiries and requests for materials should be directed to:

Pomona College Office of Financial Aid
550 N. College Avenue Room 117
Claremont, CA 91711-6327
(909) 621-8205

Complete details on financial aid availability, forms and deadlines can be found in the Pomona College brochure “Affordable Excellence [pdf] ” or on the Office of Financial Aid website.


Typical Financial Aid for 2011-12

Range of Family Income
Typical Aid Package
$0 – 20,000 $53,100
$20,001 – 40,000 $51,300
$40,001 – 60,000 $47,300
$60,001 - 80,000 $45,300
$80,001 - 100,000 $40,300
$100,001 - 120,000 $36,700
$120,001 - 140,000 $28,200
$140,001 - 160,000 $22,800
$160,001 + $19,300

*A typical financial aid package includes aid in the form of work-study, which is considered self-help, in addition to scholarships, which are gifts to the student. Students qualifying for aid whose family incomes are above $160,000 tend to be from families with more than one child in college. In addition to income, family assets are used to determine a student’s financial aid package. This chart is compiled with information representative of the 2011-12 aid recipients.