Many students come in to the CDO inquiring about funding for various research and service opportunities they either have secured or are thinking of pursuing, particularly for the summer season. While the CDO does provide funding for specific costs related to internships during the school year (see PCIP), we do not currently have any special funding for anything beyond these  opportunities.

We do have many resources in our library that can help you identify external organizations and foundations that accept applications from students so please stop by the CDO to check these out. Additionally, the CDO holds a subscription for an online database, Foundation Grants to Individual Online, that stores scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards, and other financial support that you can search. It is password protected, so stop by the office to receive the password for access. Use this resource to search for funding for outside opportunities--everything from research to graduate school to non-profit start-up funding.

As you think of strategic and creative ways to look for funding resources, here are a couple of basic things to keep in mind:

Start Early—many students come in a couple of weeks before it's time to take off to their exciting destination inquiring about funding resources for, most often, airfare or just living expenses. This is very unrealistic—it is very rare that someone is just willing to give you money for something at the last minute because you need it. Start researching early on (months in advance, if not a full year).

What's in it for Them?—when you are requesting funding, we know what's in it for you, but know that the organization or person you are asking the funding from has every reasonable right to know what is in it for them. In other words, organizations and foundations have clear mission statements about why they invest into individuals, groups, or projects. Make sure you keep this mind, and are able to articulate how your research, service project, or travel opportunity meets their criterion. Most organizations will have a thorough application process to determine the value of your proposal, so be prepared.

Resources Available On-Campus to Consider:

Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

Faculty-Sponsored Student Travel ($200-$800, administered by the Associate Dean Cynthia Selassie)

Funding Resources through the Dean of Students Office