Fellowships Through Pomona

Several competitive fellowship and scholarship opportunities require you to apply first through Pomona. This page can help you identify opportunities that are right for you and learn how to apply.

Browse Opportunities

Use the links below to browse through the various grants that require endorsement or nomination through Pomona College.

In addition, the links below will provide more information about grants that do not require institutional endorsement through Pomona, but due to the competitive nature of these awards, students are encouraged to seek advice and guidance through Pomona's resources.

Gather Information

Once you've identified an opportunity to which you would like to apply, read its page carefully to learn about eligibility requirements, the application components Pomona requires, and the application's due date. Please note that due dates are usually refreshed during the fall semester, but dates from a previous year's cycle can give you an idea of about when this year's application will be due.

Have Questions?

Most of the grants that require Pomona's endorsement have specific faculty advisors. These advisors are listed on each grant's page. Feel free to contact either the specific faculty advisor(s) or the fellowships advisor, Jason Jeffrey, with any questions that you have.