Clarissa "Cris" M. Cheney

Emerita Associate Professor of Biology
  • Expertise


    Working with an enthusiastic team of undergraduate researchers, Cris Cheney focuses primarily on the study of vesicle transport and Rab GDI interactors in Drosophila melanogaster, the common fruit fly. Her approaches encompass classical fly genetics, cell biology and developmental biology.

    Research Interests

    Role of rab GTPases and rab GDP dissociation inhibitor in vesicular transport in Drosophila development

    Areas of Expertise


    • Developmental Genetics
  • Work


    Ricard, C. S., J.M. Jakubowski, J.W. Verbsky, M.A. Barbieri, W.M. Lewis, G.E. Fernandez, M. Vogel, C.V. Tsou, V. Prasad, P. Stahl, G. Waksman, and C. M. Cheney. "Drosophila rab GDI mutants show developmental defects but normal rab membrane extraction," Genesis: The Journal of Genetics and Development, 31:17-29, 2001

    Garrett, M., J.E. Zahner, C. M. Cheney, and P. Novick, "GDI Encodes a GDP Dissociation Inhibitor that Plays an Essential Eole in the Yeast Secretory Pathway," EMBO J., 13: 1718-1728, 1994

    Garrett, M., A.K. Kabcenell, J.E. Zahner, T. Sasaki, Y. Takai, C. M. Cheney and P.J. Novick, "Interaction of Sec4 with GDI Proteins from Bovine Brain, Drosophila melanogaster and Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Conservation of GDI Membrane Dissociation Activity," FEBS Letters 331: 233-238, 1993

    Cheney, C. M., N.G. Kravit and J.W. Verbsky, "A New Myosin I Gene in Drosophila," Bioc. Biop. Res. Comm. 3: 1280-1288, 1993

    Zahner, J. E. and C. M. Cheney, "A Drosophila Homolog of Bovine Smg p25a GDP Dissociation Inhibitor (GDI) Undergoes a Shift in Isoelectric Point in the Developmental Mutant, Quartet," Molecular and Cellular Biology 13: 217-227, 1993

    Zahner, J. E. and C. M. Cheney, "Quartet: a Drosophila Developmental Mutation Affecting Chromosome Separation in Mitosis," Devel. Gen., 11: 27-40

  • Education


    1979, Ph.D., Biology
    University of Pennsylvania

    1970 Master of Philosophy, Biology
    Yale University

    1969, Bachelor of Arts
    Goucher College

    Recent Courses Taught

    • Developmental Biology w/Lab
    • Independent Study: Biology
    • Introductory Genetics Lab
    • Introductory Genetics w/Lab
    • Developmental Biology
    • Independent Study: Molecular Biology
  • Awards & Honors

    Awards & Honors

    National Science Foundation, Research Grant, "RUI: Proteins that interact with rab GDI," 2002-2005

    Pomona College, Irvine Faculty Fellowship recognizing mentoring of minority students in research, 2003

    National Science Foundation, Research Grant, "RUI: Proteins that Control interaction of rab GTPases and GDI," 1999-2002

    National Science Foundation, Research Grant, "Small GTP-binding proteins and cell division control," 1992-1995

    The Johns Hopkins University, The George Owen Teaching Award for Outstanding Teaching, 1988