David Becker

Emeritus Associate Professor of Biology
With Pomona Since: 1986
  • Expertise


    David Becker employs biochemical and biophysical methods to study extreme temperature effects on photosynthesis and mechanisms that plants employ to tolerate them. In particular, he studies a local desert plant, the creosote bush (Larrea tridentata), that is particularly well adapted to tolerate high temperatures.

    In addition, he collaborates with a colleague at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, on a project that examines the photosynthetic properties of some plants with altered steroid contents.

    Research Interests

    • Heat stress effects on photosynthesis
    • Mechanisms of thermotolerance in plants

    Areas of Expertise


    • Plant Biology
    • Plant Physiology
    • Environmental Stresses on Plants and their Responses
    • Photosynthesis
  • Work


    With J. J. Brand, "Anacystis Nidulans Demonstrates an In Vivo Calcium/Sodium Requirement for PSII Activity," Plant Physiology, 79, 552-558, 1985

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  • Education


    1984, Ph.D., Botany
    University of Texas, Austin

    1969, Bachelor of Arts
    Oberlin College

    Professional Experience

    • Biology and Chemistry Teacher, Newport High School, Newport, KY
    • Biology and Chemistry Teacher, Goshen High School, Goshen, IN
    • Analytical chemist, CTS Corp., Elkhart, IN
    • Assistant and Associate Professor of Biology, Pomona College
    • Chair of Biology, Pomona College