Frances M. Hanzawa

Associate Professor of Biology
  • Expertise

    Research Interests

    • Evolution and ecology, especially of plants
    • Population genetic and demographic consequences of seed and pollen dispersal
    • Plant-animal interactions

    Areas of Expertise


    • Ecology
    • Evolution
    • Plant Ecology
    • Genetic and Demographic Consequences of Seed Dispersal
    • Plant-Animal Interactions
  • Work


    With A.J. Beattie and A. Holmes, "The Dual Function of the Elaiosome of Corydalis aurea (Fumariaceae): Attraction of Dispersal Agents and Repulsion of Peromyscus maniculatus, a Seed Predator," American Journal of Botany, 72, 1707-1711, 1985

    With S. Kalisz, J.D. Nason, and S.J. Tonsor, "Spatial Population Genetic Structure in Trillium grandiflorum: the Roles of Dispersal, Mating, History and Selection," Evolution, 55, 1560-1568, 2001

    With S. Kalisz, S.J. Tonsor, D.A. Thiede, and S. Voigt, "Ant Mediated Seed Dispersal Alters Pattern of Relatedness in a Population of Trillium grandiflorum," Ecology, 80, 2620-2634, 1999

    With S. Kalisz, "The Relationship between Age, Size, and Reproduction in Trillium grandiflorum," American Journal of Botany, 80, 405-410, 1993

    With A.J. Beattie and D.C. Culver, "Directed Dispersal: Demographic Analysis of an Ant-Seed Mutualism," American Naturalist, 131, 1-13, 1988

  • Education


    Northwestern University

    Bachelor of Arts
    Pomona College

    Recent Courses Taught

    Ecology for Non-Majors

    Ecology/Evol of Plants w/Lab

    Ecology/Evolution of Plants Lab

    Insect Ecology & Behavior w/Lab

    Insect Ecology & Behavior w/Lab

    Lab, Insect Ecology & Behavior

    Insect Ecology & Behavior

  • Awards & Honors

    Awards & Honors

    National Science Foundation, Division of Biological Infrastructure, Research Experiences for Undergraduates, Grant, 1996-1999, 2000-2003

    National Science Foundation, Population Biology and Physiological Ecology Program, Research Grant, 1990-94

    Pew Mid-States Science and Mathematics Consortium, Faculty Development Award, 1990