Jade Star Lackey

Professor of Geology; Chair of Geology
  • Expertise


    Jade Star Lackey is an igneous and metamorphic petrologist and expert on stable isotope geochemistry. His research incorporates a breadth of petrographic and geochemical (mostly stable and radiogenic isotopes) tools to examine single crystal zoning for chemical and temporal records of evolving chemistry in magmas (plutonic and volcanic) and hydrothermal systems. These studies feed a broader research agenda of evaluating the balance of crust and mantle melts contributing to the formation of continental crust in batholiths like the Sierra Nevada (California). These same studies consider the budget of volatiles like CO2 in continental batholith hydrothermal systems, too, because they inform our understanding of natural global climate change in periods like the Mesozoic.

    His external research grants from the National Science Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Research Corporation, American Chemical Society and Keck Geology Consortium supported student researchers on numerous active research projects nearby in the Sierra Nevada and California, and internationally, in Canada, Sweden and Australia.

    Lackey was a principal investigator (PI) of the effort that led to the founding of the Oxtoby Isotope Laboratory at in 2017, in which students and faculty have undertaken an impressive breadth of studies. Lackey also directs the Pomona College x-ray fluorescence laboratory. These labs have hosted visitors from over a dozenscolleges and universities in Southern California and elsewhere.

    He teaches courses in introductory geology (Geohazards), mineralogy, igneous and metamorphic petrology, and geochemistry.

    Research Interests

    • Deciphering the magma system evolution in convergent margin batholiths
    • Monitoring fluid fluxes from such batholiths by isotopic studies of marble roof pendants
    • Applying oxygen isotope analysis of garnet and zircon to parse apart contamination events in peraluminous magmas
    • Resolving terrane cooling histories by oxygen isotope analysis of titanite
    • Evaluating trace element mobility, including Rare Earth Elements, in natural coal fire deposits.

    Areas of Expertise


    • Mineralogy
    • Zircon
    • Garnet
    • Rare Earth Element Minerals
    • Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
    • Stable Isotope Geochemistry
    • Fluid Flow
    • Sierra Nevada Range
    • California National Park Geology
    • Natural Coal Fires; X-Ray Fluorescence
  • Work


    Ryan-Davis, J., Lackey, J.S., Gevedon, M., Barnes, J. D., Lee, C-T. A., Kitajima, K., Valley, J.W., 2019, Andradite skarn garnet records of exceptionally low δ18O values within an Early Cretaceous hydrothermal system, Sierra Nevada, CA: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, v. 174: pp. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00410-019-1602-6

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    * Student Author

  • Education


    University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Master of Science
    University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Bachelor of Arts
    Middlebury College

    Recent Courses Taught

    • Geohazards
    • Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (w/ Lab)
    • Introduction to Geochemistry
    • Mineralogy (w/Lab)
  • Awards & Honors

    Awards & Honors

    Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, science division, $922,816 for “GBMF5417: Equipment to Establish an Isotope Instrument Laboratory For The Claremont Colleges,” Principal Investigator with co-principal Investigators Dean of the College Bob Gaines and Professor Marc Los Huertos, 2016-18.

    National Science Foundation, $87,145 grant for a project entitled: "Deciphering Sierran Magma Sources and Modes of Diversification Using Trace Element, O, and Hf Isotopic Analyses of Zircon," Principal Investigator in collaboration with Jonathan Miller at San Jose State University, 2010-2014

    National Science Foundation, $200,000, grant from the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE–0942447) entitled "XRF as a Tool for Curricular Enhancement in Earth Systems and Environmental Chemistry” Principal Investigator with Bob Gaines (Geology) and Charles Taylor (Chemistry). 2009-2012

    American Chemical Society—Petroleum Research Fund, $50,000, entitled “PRF# 50152-UNI8: Sandstone Silicification in a Caldera Lake: Implications for Cementation at High Geothermal Gradients” Principal Investigator, 2009-12

    Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement (Cottrell Grant), $100,000, entitled “An Integrated Study Of The Enzymology, Microbiology And Geology Of Sulfur-Based Respiration: From Molecular Mechanisms To The Bio And Geosphere” Co-PI with E.J. Crane and M. Sazinsky (Pomona Biology and Chemistry), 2012-14