Kazumi Takahashi

Adjunct Professor of Japanese
With Pomona Since: 1990
  • Expertise


    Kazumi Takahashi’s research explores linguistic pragmatics, cognitive linguistics, discourse analysis and second-language teaching. She is currently examining the expressive and interpersonal functions of the stylistically deviant Japanese construction she calls the ‘attributive noun-na.’ She is also collecting and analyzing interlanguage data in order to offer in-depth explications of selected grammatical errors in Japanese frequently made by intermediate to advanced-level learners of the language.

    Areas of Expertise


    • Linguistic Pragmatics
    • Cognitive Linguistics
    • Discourse Analysis
    • Second Language Teaching
  • Work


    "Affect and Tense in Japanese Oral Narratives," Narrative Inquiry, November 1999

    "Tense and Subjectivity in Japanese Oral Narratives," Text, July 1998

    "Mechanisms of Tense Switch in Japanese Oral Narratives," Applied Linguistics Colloquium, University of California at Los Angeles, March 6, 1996

    "Language Policy in Korea," The Dong-Ah Daily News Los Angeles Edition, May 10, 1990

    "Culture Schock and Cultural Assimilation," The Dong-Ah Daily News Los Angeles Edition, May 19, 1990

  • Education


    University of California, Los Angeles

    Master of Arts
    California State University, Long Beach

    Bachelor of Arts
    California State University, Long Beach

    Recent Courses Taught

    • Advanced Japanese
    • Elementary Japanese
    • Independent Research in Japanese Language & Literature
    • Intermediate Japanese
    • Readings in Current Japanese
    • Readings in Modern Japanese Literature
  • Awards & Honors

    Awards & Honors

    Teachers in Japanese in Southern California, Board Member 1999-present, Member 1990-present

    Monbusho (Ministry of Education) Study Abroad Scholarship for Prospective Teachers, 1981-82