Maddalena Poli

Rand Postdoctoral Fellow in Asian Studies
  • Expertise

    Research Interests

    • Warring States manuscripts
    • Palaeography, Old Chinese language
    • Chinese history
    • Digital humanities
  • Work



    In preparation: New manuscript evidence on the formation of the Analects: the Warring States Anhui University *Zhongni said and the Wangjiazui *Confucius said

    In preparation 
    “Crafting the past. The reconstitution of “Command to Yue” 說命  in the Shangshu 尚書 and the fashioning of the ruler-minister relationship in ancient China.” Submitted for the volume On Altars of Soil: Unearthing New Narratives in Early Chinese History, Cambridge University Press. Edited by Nick Vogt and Glenda Chao editor.

    2021 with Adam D. Smith, “Establishing the Text of the Odes. A First Look at the Anhui University Bamboo Manuscript.” Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies. 84.3: 515-557.

    2021 “Baoshan 包山” and “Hanfeizi 韩非子” entries in The Encyclopedia of Ancient History: Asia and Africa, edited by Daniel Potts, Ethan Harkness, Jason Neelis, and Roderick McIntosh. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (ISBN: 9781119399919). 

    Research Projects 

    Ongoing collaborative study of the Tsinghua Manuscripts. Maddalena will be in charge of translating and introducing for the first time in English language the manuscripts of volume 13 of Studies and Translations of the Tsinghua Manuscripts, 18 vols. Project led by Huang Dekuang 黃德寬 (Tsinghua University) and Ed Shaughnessy (University of Chicago). Sponsored by the Research and Conservation Center for Unearthed Texts, Tsinghua University 清華大學出土文獻研究與保護中心,  Paleography and Chinese Civilization Inheritance and Development Program 古文字与中华文明传承发展工程”协同攻关创新平台.  

    “ The Arousal of Human Nature in Early China.”

    “Graphs and Words. A study of 取 in the Xing zi ming chu 性自命出 and velar finals in Old Chinese.” Chinese version:“釋戰國竹簡〈性自命出〉的「取」字。”

    Non peer-reviewed contributions

    2022 “Mozi 墨子” Database of Religious History, UBC.

    Command to Fu Yue 傅說之命” Database of Religious History, UBC.

    The heart is what is at the center 心是謂中” Database of Religious History, UBC.

    2021 “Shangshu 尚書”, Database of Religious History, UBC.

    Lunyu 論語”, Database of Religious History, UBC.

    Xing zi ming chu 性自命出”, Database of Religious History, UBC.

    2020 editorial review and revision for second edition of A Source Book of Ancient Chinese Bronze Inscriptions. C. Cook and P. R. Goldin eds. Society for the Study of Early China, 2016. My tasks included: updating bibliography; supervising editing; collaborating with translators. 

    2018 Mohism”, Database of Religious History, UBC. DOI 10.14288/1.0385889.

    2016 “An idea of Self in the Zhuangzi”, in Hanna N. Li and Gina van der Ling, eds., Proceedings of the Rombouts Graduate Conference: ‘Image’, Leiden: Stichting Shilin.

  • Education


    University of Pennsylvania (2022)

    University of Pennsylvania (2018)
    Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (2016)

    Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (2013)

    Recent Courses Taught

    • Confucius and His Interpreters
    • The One Source of all Things: Human Nature in pre-Modern China
    • A Culinary History of China
  • Awards & Honors

    Awards & Honors

    WIG Curriculum Development Grant, a.y. 2023/2024

    Wig Teaching Innovation Grant Spring 2023

    Tang Center Postdoctoral Fellowship, Columbia University [declined] 2022/2023

    Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst one year grant for graduate studies – [declined] 2021/2023

    Center for Chinese Studies at the National Central Library, Taipei, Research Grant 2021

    Chiang Ching-kuo Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship 2020/2021

    Benjamin Franklin Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania 2016/2020

    Joint Research PhD Fellowship, Confucius Institute - China Studies Program 2019/2020

    Luce/ACLS Pre-dissertation Summer Travel Grant, 2019

    EALC Departmental Fellowship for summer research, University of Pennsylvania 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022

    GAPSA Travel Research Grant, the University of Pennsylvania 2017

    Fulbright Self-Placed, Graduate Study [declined] 2016/2017

    Erasmus Scholarship Leiden University, the Netherlands 2015

    International Exchange Student, Ca’ Foscari scholarship at 北京大学 Peking University, China 2014

    International Exchange Student, Ca’ Foscari scholarship at Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute, China 2013

    首都师范大学 Capital Normal University, Beijing, China (Capital Normal scholarship) 2011