N. Ann Davis

Emerita Professor of Philosophy
With Pomona Since: 1998
  • Expertise


    Ann Davis’ writing and research lie principally at the confluence of applied ethics, bioethics and social philosophy. Her approach to these topics is highly interdisciplinary, and there are strong links to areas such as environmental analysis, anthropology, sociology, behavioral economics, biology and technology studies, Her work explores such topics as the abortion debate and reproductive ethics; eugenics; mental diagnosis and treatment; the racial implications of housing and carceral policies; disability studies (especially ‘invisible disability’); values in science and technology; and environmental ethics. She is a member of the steering committees of several interdisciplinary programs, including Environmental Analysis; Philosophy, Politics and Economics; and Science, Technology and Society; and she collaborates with scholars from these fields of study.

    Areas of Expertise


    • Bioethics
    • Abortion Debate
    • 20th Century Eugenics
    • Science, Values, & Technology
    • Disability Studies (especially 'invisible disability')
  • Work


    "Invisible Disability," Ethics 116:153-213, October 2005

    "Moral Dilemmas," in A Companion to Applied Ethics (R.G. Frey and C. Wellman, eds., Blackwell's, 2003)

    "Eugenics," ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SEX AND GENDER, forthcoming (2009)

    "Fiddling Second" (a discussion of Judith Jarvis Thomson's "A Defense of Abortion") in Fact and Value (Byrne, Stalnaker and Wedgwood, eds., MIT Press, 2003)

    "The Pernicious Politicization of Science," essay in honor of Jonathan Glover in a festschrift co-edited by Davis, Keshan, and McMahan (Princeton, forthcoming 2009)

    "Not Drowning but Waving: Reflections on Swimming Through the Shark-Infested Waters of the Abortion Debate," in Advances in Bioethics, Vol. 2 (Edwards and Bittar, eds., JAI Press, 1997)

    "Moral Implications of the Rise in the Incidence of Multiple-Fetus Pregnancies and Multiple-Child Births: Some Reservations about the Implications of Fertility Enhancement and Pregnancy Reduction," The Annual Review of Law and Ethics, vol. 9, 2001

  • Education


    University of California, Berkeley

    Bachelor of Arts
    University of California, Berkeley

    Recent Courses Taught

    • Bioethics
    • ​Normative Ethics
    • Science and Values
    • Stem Cells and Human Cloning
    • Values and the Environment