Nina Karnovsky

Willard George Halstead Zoology Professor of Biology
With Pomona Since: 2004
  • Expertise


    Nina Karnovsky is a Professor of Biology at Pomona, and has also been a Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology in The Claremont Colleges Joint Sciences Department. She and her students have presented extensive ornithology and ecology research to the Pacific Seabird Group.

    Karnovsky's ecology research has also taken her to the Polar Polish Station at Hornsund, Spitsbergen, Norway, to study dovekies' eating habits and the correlating growth rates of chicks within colonies.

    Research Interests

    • How are Polar marine top predators influenced by climate change?
    • What are the post-fire responses of the mammal community at the Bernard Field Station?
    • How is the foraging behavior of California seabirds influenced by shifting oceanographic conditions?

    Areas of Expertise

    • Ecology Research
    • Ornithology
    • Biological Oceanography
    • Climate Change
    • Polar Exploration
    • Biology
    • Food Webs
  • Work


    *student co-author

    Karnovsky, N.J., K.A. Hobson, S.J. Iverson. 2012. From lavage to lipids: estimating diets of seabirds. Marine Ecology Progress Series 451:263-284.

    Karnovsky, N.J., J. Welcker, A.M.A. Harding, Z.W. Brown*, W. Walkusz, A. Cavalcanti, J. Hardin, A. Kitaysky, G. Gabrielsen, D. Grémillet. 2011. Inter-colony comparison of diving behavior of an Arctic top predator: implications for warming in the Greenland Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series 440:229-240

    Karnovsky, N.J., A. Harding, W. Walkusz, S. Kwaśniewski, I. Goszczko, J. Wiktor, H. Routti, A. Bailey*, L. McFadden*, Z. Brown*, G. Beaugrand, D. Grémillet. 2010. Foraging distributions of little auks across the Greenland Sea: Implications of present and future Arctic climate change. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 415:283-293

  • Education


    Bachelor of Arts, Wesleyan University
    Middletown, Connecticut

    Master of Sciences, Montana State University
    Bozeman, Montana

    Ph.D. University of California, Irvine
    Irvine, California

    Recent Courses Taught

    • Ecological & Evolutionary Biology
    • Aquatic Ecology
    • Advanced Animal Ecology
    • Vertebrate Biology
  • Awards & Honors

    Awards & Honors

    National Science Foundation, Office of Polar Programs, Principle Investigator, $415,618 grant, "Consequences of Contrasting foraging Conditions for Little Auks in the Greenland Sea,” 2006

    Hirsch Foundation, Principle Investigator, $14,500 grant, “Ear bones are the diaries of fish. Assessing demographics of fish populations through the analysis of otoliths.” 2004 

    Mellon-8 Foundation, Principle Investigator, $7,500 grant, “Responses of upper trophic predators to climate change in the Arctic,” 2004 

    National Science Foundation, Office of International Science and Engineering, Principle Investigator, $142,261 grant, “Variability of Arctic ocean currents and dovekie foraging ecology and reproductive success,” 2003