Sandy Grabiner

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
With Pomona Since: 1974
  • Expertise


    Sandy Grabiner’s research focuses on various aspects of functional analysis, the study of infinite-dimensional spaces, with an emphasis on Banach algebras. In 1999 he hosted and co-organized the 14th International Conference on Banach Algebras, which was held at Pomona College.

    Research Interests

    Functional Analysis, especially Banach Algebras and Operator Theory on Banach Spaces

    Areas of Expertise

    • Calculus
    • Abstract Measurements
    • Operator Theory
  • Work


    "Weak* Properties of Weighted Convolution Algebras," Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 132, 1675-1684 (2004)

    With J. Zemanek, "Ascent, Descent, and Ergodic Properties of Linear Operators," Journal of Operator Theory 48, 69-81 (2002)

    "Generalizations of Fredholm Operators" in Banach Algebras '97: Proceedings of the 1997 Banach Algebra Conference, 169-187 (De Gruyter, 1998)

    With F. Ghahramani, "The Lp Theory of Standard Homomorphisms," Pacific Journal of Math, 168, 49-60, 1995

    "Weighted Convolution Algebras and their Homomorphisms" in Functional Analysis and Operator Theory, 175-190 (Banach Center Publications, 1994)

    With F. Ghahramani, "Standard Homomorphisms and Convergent Sequences in Weighted Convolution Algebras," Illinois Journal of Mathematics, 36, 505-527 (1992)

    With F. Ghahramani and J.P. McClure, "Standard Homomorphisms and Regulated Weights on Weighted Convolution Algebras," Journal of Functional Analysis, 91, 278-286, 1990

  • Education


    Harvard University

    Bachelor of Arts
    Rice University

    Recent Courses Taught

    • Calculus II
    • Honors Calculus III
    • Principles of Real Analysis II
    • Real & Functional Analysis I
  • Awards & Honors

    Awards & Honors

    Australian National University, School of Mathematical Sciences, Research Grant, 2001

    National Science Foundation; Conference Grant, 1998-99; and Research Grants, 1968-82 and 1984-91

    Irvine Foundation, Research Grant, 1991-93

    Science and Engineering Research Council (United Kingdom), Grant, 1989