Model UN at Pomona

An activity that fosters greater cultural and political respect and sensitivity, Model UN helps students develop a keener understanding of global politics and multilateral organizations. Through conferences and tournaments, Model UN also improves students’ public speaking, negotiation and networking skills. The Pomona College Model UN (PCMUN) team is a key element in the education of students interested in international relations and diplomacy. Each year, we attend several conferences around the country and hold weekly practices to prepare for these conferences and discuss current world events. In the 2020-21 academic year, due to travel restrictions, PCMUN is hosting a Speakers’ Series that enables students to learn from and interact with professionals in the fields of diplomacy and international relations.

How to Apply to Model UN

At the beginning of each academic year, the Pomona College Model UN team hosts a try-out simulation where students are challenged to represent a country on a given topic. Students with any amount of experience with Model UN should feel free to try out! We are looking for students who show a genuine interest in public speaking, research and debate.  Please email for more information about tryouts.


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