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Seven Pomona College Faculty Members Retire

seven faculty members headshots

Seven Pomona faculty members have retired. Their absence will be our loss, but their presence at Pomona College has brought all of us—students, faculty and staff alike—great gain. Of course, after so many years of dedicated service, these retirements are hard-earned and well-deserved. 

Bobby Bradford

A lecturer in music, Bradford is retired in June 2021 after 44 years at the College. The trumpeter, composer and bandleader, led the College’s jazz ensemble teaching the history of jazz. 

N. Ann Davis

The McConnell Professor of Human Relations and Professor of Philosophy retired in Dec. 2020 after 22 years at the College. Her scholarship explores topics such as the abortion debate and reproductive ethics; mental diagnosis and treatment; disability studies; and environmental ethics.

Stephen A. Erickson

The E. Wilson Lyon Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy taught at the College for 56 years. His research interests include the intersection of the human spirit and culture in our time and medicine's role in enhancing and/or altering human identity. He retired Dec. 2020.

Jill Grigsby

The Richard Steele Professor of Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology joined Pomona 37 years ago. Among her areas of expertise are population, family and the role of pets in family life. She retired June 2021.

Sherry Linnell

A resident designer and professor of theatre for the College for 45 years, she retired June 2021. Besides Pomona, her costume designs have appeared on stages throughout Southern California and in Guatemala and Germany.

Lynne K. Miyake

A professor of Japanese for 31 years, Miyake retired June 2021. Her research interests include Japanese narrative prose and diary literature traditions of the 10th through 12th centuries.

Richard “Rick” Worthington

A professor of politics at Pomona for 30 years, Worthington retired in Jan. 2021. His teaching, scholarship and political activism converge around science, democracy and social change.