Pomona College Sagecast

Welcome to Sagecast, the podcast of Pomona College. Recorded in the studios of KSPC, Pomona’s FM radio station, this podcast offers our extended community a chance to listen in on vibrant intellectual conversations with Pomona College faculty and students—whether on the train, in the car, at the gym or at home.

In Season 1, we talked with Pomona College faculty members about how they came to study what they study, teach what they teach and love the field they love. In Season 2, we talked with a variety of Pomona College students about topics and experiences that shape their collegiate lives. In Season 3, we talk to students, professors, coaches and staff who are working closely in the classroom, on the field and in the lab about their mentorship stories. Season 4 revisits faculty members' backstories, and coming up this summer, we will hear from alumni and where their journeys have taken them after Pomona.

New season launching in late fall 2022.