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Over the past year, faculty, staff, students and trustees have participated in a series of meetings to help craft the next strategic plan for Pomona College. We also have heard from outside researchers and experts to help inform the process. 

From the start, our aim has been to think deeply about how we want to leverage the resources of this college for the benefit of our students and our communities, while recognizing the tradeoffs involved in our choices and setting clear priorities. The Strategic Planning Committee is now poised to translate these conversations into proposals and goals for the next five to seven years. Subcommittees are now focusing on three key areas the plan will address:

Equity and access – We aspire to be both affordable and equitable through our financial aid program so that we continue to attract students of immense promise from all backgrounds, and so that all our students are able to make full use of their opportunities at Pomona. New resources will be needed to ensure that the College can remain a leader among its peers.

Flourishing and inclusion – We aspire to cultivate a community of talented individuals reflecting the diversity of society, who all feel a deep sense of belonging at Pomona. We will look for ways to strengthen existing programs for students, faculty and staff that promote success and well-being, as well as ways to remove or minimize impediments to individuals flourishing.

Transformative knowledge and creativity – Pomona offers one of the best educations available today. As the world changes, we want to preserve what we do well, while also making room for transformation. We aspire to meet the educational needs of 21st-century learners by calibrating our curriculum to foster greater student exploration, cross disciplines to find new answers, increase our global engagement and better prepare students for the world after Pomona. In doing so, we’ll need to consider how emerging technologies can enhance a liberal education, and how best to support faculty leading transformation in their areas of expertise.

During fall semester, open forums will be held and draft plans circulated for comment as we forge a strategic path in areas ranging from supporting financial aid to replacing Oldenborg Center with an up-to-date facility to creating a community in which everyone can flourish. The strategic plan matters because it will set our priorities for years to come, and we urge you to participate in upcoming opportunities to make your voice heard.