Granite & Sagebrush: The Bequest Society of Pomona College

Creating a legacy plan allows you to decide how your values and financial resources will benefit the people and organizations about which you care the most. Conveying your financial assets to heirs and charitable organizations as part of your legacy plan can be done through a will, living trust or beneficiary designation on a retirement account or life insurance policy.

Pomona College works with alumni and friends who want to create a legacy plan that supports the College’s mission and advances its position as a beacon for the liberal arts. Your legacy gift may provide estate tax benefits and may be directed to a specific purpose at the College as agreed upon in advance. You can feel good knowing that future generations of Pomona students will benefit from your foresight and generosity.

Pomona College recognizes those who have included the College in their estate plans through membership in Granite & Sagebrush, the College’s honorary legacy society. Established in 2000, Granite & Sagebrush has over 300 members and takes its name from the book of the same title written in 1944 by Professor Frank Brackett, an astronomer and one of the founding faculty members of the College.

If you would like to learn more about planning a legacy with Pomona College, please contact one of our professionals who would be happy to assist you.

The Office of Trusts & Estates

Linda Mazur ‘81, Director
John Graham ‘86, Regional Director
Art Landerholm ‘92, Regional Director
Donna Lane, Associate Director

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If you have already included Pomona College in your estate plans, please let us know so we may give thanks and welcome you as a member of The Granite & Sagebrush Legacy Society.