Dining Union Negotiations

Last updated: November 10, 2022

Unite Here, a national labor union, has represented Pomona College dining employees for a decade.

The most recent three-year contract expired on June 30, 2022. Negotiations for a new contract began this summer and an agreement has not been reached.

Both parties share the goal of increasing compensation to support dining employees and their families. But there is a significant gap between them over the rate of pay increases and the duration of contract.

Union negotiators currently are seeking a 45 percent increase paid out over a year and a half. The College is proposing strong yearly wage gains over a four-year period.

We believe a multi-year contract is the best way to provide beneficial stability for both dining employees and the wider campus community.

The College continues to seek the assistance of a federal mediator to help bridge the gap between the proposals. Seeking help from a trained neutral expert in this manner is a well-established path to finding common ground in contract negotiations.

Our hope is that union leadership will agree to this path of neutral outside mediation, and we will continue to seek an agreement that benefits the dining team and the entire community.