Funding Sources for Faculty-Student Interaction (Faculty Only)

Faculty-Student Interaction Funds (Faculty only)   

The Dean of Students Office has funding available to defray the cost of student faculty interaction activities. Requests must be submitted during the semester the event is taking place, and are on a "first come, first served" basis.  Pre-approval is recommended by submitting the form prior to the event.  All reimbursements require original receipts to be provided. 

To request funding/reimbursement, please fill out the Faculty-Student Interaction form located on the Dean of Students page on Collegiate Link.

Collegiate Link can be accessed through the portal ( through a direct link on the your portal home page. Once in Collegiate Link you can search by Organization for the Dean of Students Office. For additional information on how to access Collegiate Link please click here.

Student: Academic Related Funding Support (e.g. Research Conference, Academic Travel, and Summer Research Support)

Faculty Sponsored Student Academic Travel

Students should submit their proposals to the Dean of the College's office first.  The Dean of Students Office may also contribute to academic student travel support.  

Summer Research

Summer research grants are provided by the Office of the Dean of the College.

Student: Programming on Campus and Co-Curricular Conference or Travel Off-Campus Support

President's Sustainability Fund

The President's Sustainability Fund is a $15,000 annual fund (approved on a yearly basis) for sustainability programs on campus. Focused on technology and infrastructural change instead of events or programming, this fund provides resources for student-oriented campus projects that will reduce the College's environmental impact. Recently funded projects include the water bottle refill and bicycle repair stations at the Smith Campus Center, and the reusable dishes in Catering. For more information, contact the Sustainability Integration Office at

Community Interaction Fund

The Community Interaction Fund in the Dean of Students Office provides funding for the following purposes:

  • Speakers or programs on campus
  • Co-curricular conferences off-campus
  • Community service projects

There is approximately $20,000 for this academic year.  Grants for student travel and conferences can range from $50 to $250, and grants for programs and projects can range from $50 to $300.

To apply for Community Interaction Funding:

Step 1: Complete and submit the Student Funding Request Form on the Dean of Students Collegiate Link page.  For full consideration please allow 2 weeks for processing.

Step 2: If you are awarded funding, complete and submit the Post Event Report on the Dean of Students Collegiate Link page, within 5 days following the event.

Step 3: If applicable please email copies of receipts to or bring them by the Dean of Students Office in Alexander Hall 102. For items that are being reimbursed, original receipts must be provided.

For information on how to access Collegiate Link click here.

Public Events Committee

The Public Events Committee seeks to sponsor or co-sponsor events that will increase our store of shared intellectual experience and provoke more multidisciplinary discussion throughout the College.

ASPC Funding

Funding form for the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC)

Emergency Funding Support for Students

Dean of Students Office

Requests for emergency funding that involve non-academic-related needs (e.g., emergency medical, dental, vision expenses, unanticipated trip home due to a family emergency, etc) can be directed to the Dean of Students Office. Emergency funding is available in the form of loans (available both to students on financial aid and not on financial aid), and in certain circumstances in the form of grants (usually only available to students in the highest need tiers), or a combination of loan and grant.

McCann Emergency Loans

Short-term emergency loans are available to Pomona students needing small amounts of money, usually $500 or less. Loans should be repaid within the semester. Students needing loans should go to the Dean of Students Office, Alexander Hall 102.

For all Dean of Students Emergency Funding Requests or McCann Loan Requests please complete the Emergency Funding Form on the Dean of Students Office page in Collegiate Link.  For information on how to access Collegiate Link click here.  

Academic or Curriculum Funding Support for Students

Office of Financial Aid

All requests for funding that involve academic or curriculum-related needs (i.e. lab fees, course fees, computer expenses) should be requested through the Office of Financial Aid.

Off-Campus Community Engagement Funding

Grants From the Draper Center for Community Partnerships

For more information about grants, please visit the website for the Draper Center's Community Engagement funding.

Community Interaction Fund

Please see information above.

Community Friends of International Students Grant

Community Friends of International Students secured a grant from the UPS Foundation to support international students with financial need, to attend social, cultural and educational activities sponsored by International Place or by one of the Claremont Colleges or Universities.

For more information click here or contact International Place of The Claremont Colleges at (909) 607-4571