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First-Year Applicants

Class of 2019

Application Numbers: 8,091
Admit Rate: 9.8%
Target Class Size: 400
Early Decision/Posse/QuestBridge Admits: 173

Students are considered for first-year standing if they will have completed less than the equivalent of one year’s full-time college work at the time of enrollment at Pomona College. If you are currently a senior in high school, this is most likely you! Students applying to Pomona College may choose to apply as either Early Decision or Regular Decision candidates. Please consult the application instructions page for detailed instructions on applying as a first-year candidate.

Early Decision

Students for whom Pomona is the clear first choice are strongly encouraged to apply under the Early Decision option. This may allow students to resolve their college choice earlier in their senior year and to avoid the necessity of filing multiple applications. Please keep in mind that Early Decision is a binding commitment, and students may submit an early-decision application to only one institution. Students admitted under Early Decision are expected to withdraw all other college applications and to initiate no new ones.

There are two Early Decision periods in the Pomona College application process with deadlines on November 1 and January 1. Please consult our application deadlines page for other timelines to consider.

Regular Decision

Students who wish to keep their options open regarding their college choice should apply as Regular Decision candidates for admission. The majority of Pomona applicants choose this option. Regular Decision applicants must apply by January 1, and those who are admitted to the College have until May 1 to accept or decline admission. Please consult our application deadlines page for the exact submission and notification dates.

Early Admission

High school students who feel they will have exhausted the academic possibilities of their high school curriculum by the completion of their junior year may apply for admission to first-year standing as Early Admission candidates. This option is only available to students who will not graduate from high school or receive a high school diploma-equivalent prior to entering Pomona. Students who are simply graduating early should apply as traditional first-year students. Students applying as Early Admission candidates are expected to demonstrate substantial academic potential in their program and performance and social readiness for the residential college experience. Students must present a clear ability to benefit from early entry into a college program as demonstrated by transcripts and standardized testing.

Early Admission candidates are subject to the same review process as all other admission candidates and must provide complete transcripts of high school work, and scores from the SAT Reasoning Test and two SAT Subject Tests or ACT results. Early Admission candidates are expected and may be required to interview with an admissions officer to discuss their readiness for college life and academic work. Early Admission candidates may not apply under the Early Decision option.