In 1976, Edwin Sill Fussell '43 and Paul Fussell, Jr. '45 initiated a fund in honor of their teacher, Charles S. Holmes, who taught at Pomona College between 1941 and 1975.  The Fussell brothers gave only the broadest of instructions for the use of this fund, leaving it up to the Department of English at Pomona College to decide how best “to further the encouragement of excellence and inspiration in undergraduate teaching.”  Each year, since 1993, a member of the English Department has invited a scholar who has in some particular way inspired him or her as a teacher and scholar to come to campus and share their work with us.

The 25th Charles S. Holmes Memorial Lecture

Speaker - Jacqueline T. Miller

Spenser's Allegory of Temperance and the Competition for Meaning. This paper examines allegory as a competition for meaning between readers and writers, with special attention to Spenser's Book of Temperance and the alternative it proposes to the compulsions of allegory.

Professor Miller is the author of Poetic License: Authority and Authorship in Medieval and Renaissance Contexts (1986). Recent publications include: "Ladies of the Oddest Passion: Early Modern Women and the Arts of Discretion" (Modern Philology, 2006); "Telling Tales: Locating Female Nurture and Narrative in the Faerie Queene" in Gender and Oral Traditions in Early Modern Literary Texts (eds. Mary Ellen Lamb and Karen Bamford, 2008); "The Passion Signified: The Construction of Emotions in Sidney and Wroth" (Criticism, 2001); "Lady Mary Wroth in the House of Busirane" in Worldmaking Spenser: Explorations in the Early Modern Age (eds.Patrick Cheney and Lauren Silberman, 2000); and "Mother Tongues" Language and Lactation in Early Modern Literature" (English Literary Renaissance, 1997).

Monday, March 6, 2017
4:15 PM
Ena Thompson Reading Room (Crookshank 108)

Past Holmes Lecturers

Year Lecturer
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1994 John Alford, Michigan State University
1995 Sara Suleri Goodyear, Yale University
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1999 Marjorie Perloff, Stanford University
2000 Louis Menand, City University of New York
2001 Joyce Ann Joyce, Temple University
2002 Juliet McMaster, University of Alberta at Edmonton
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2011 Deidre Shauna Lynch, University of Toronto
2012 Sianne Ngai, Stanford University
2013 Lauren Berlant, University of Chicago
2014 (Spring) Anne Anlin Cheng, Princeton University
2015 Enda Duffy, Professor of English, University of California, Santa Barbara
2016 Charles Baxter, Professor of English, University of Minnesota
2017 Jacqueline T. Miller, Rutgers University