Ena H. Thompson Lectureship

Dr. Kelly Lytle Hernández

Tuesday, April 18th 7 p.m.
Rose Hills Theater, Smith Campus Center

“Million Dollar Hoods: The Costs of Incarceration in Los Angeles”

Professor Kelly Lytle Hernández is professor of History, African American Studies, and Urban Planning at the University of California at Los Angeles and serves as director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA. Lytle Hernández is one of the nation’s leading experts on race, immigration, and mass incarceration and is the author of award-winning books, Migra! A History of the U.S. Border Patrol, and City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, and the Rise of Human Caging in Los Angeles. She most recently authored the work, Bad Mexicans: Race, Empire, and Revolution in the Borderlands. She is also a MacArthur Fellow.

Professor Lytle Hernández will talk about “Million Dollar Hoods,” a digital-based, community-driven research project that maps and documents the human costs of mass incarceration on communities and families in Los Angeles and beyond.

About the Lectureship

Endowed in 1980 through the generosity of Ena H. Thompson, these annual lectures encourage a broader understanding and appreciation of history. Generally held in the spring semester, the lectureship brings a distinguished historian to the Pomona College campus for a week of intensive interaction with students, faculty, and alumni. The visiting lecturers are elected both on the basis of their past contributions to the discipline and of the importance of their current research in advancing the field. Typically, they offer two public lectures on campus during the week of their residency and another lecture for alumni at a dinner event in the greater Los Angeles area.

Past Ena H. Thompson Distinguished Lecturers

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2014      Tiya A. Miles
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2012      Fred M. Donner
2011      Gilbert Gonzales
2010      Thomas R. Metcalf
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2008      Pamela H. Smith
2007      David Roediger / Stanley Nelson
2006      Patricia Ebrey
2005      Dominick La Capra
2004      Robin D. G. Kelley
2003      Gilbert M. Joseph
2002      Patricia Nelson Limerick
2001      Linda Colley
2000      Vicki L. Ruiz / Antonia Castańeda
1999      Allan Bérubé
1998      Lynn Hunt
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1996      Tetsuo Najita
1995      Ramón Eduardo Ruiz
1994      John Higginson
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1992      John H. Elliot
1991      Bernard Bailyn
1990      Ramón Gutiérrez
1989      Wolfgang J. Momsen
1988      Jonathan P. Spence
1987      A.W.B. Simpson
1986      Keith Thomas
1985      Natalie Zemon Davis
1984      Carl E. Schorske
1983      Richard Pipes
1982      Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
1981      Emmanuel Leroy Ladurie
1980      Peter Gay