Indigenous Histories of early California

The History Department is excited to welcome Professor Lisbeth Haas to Pomona College.

Lisbeth Haas is a professor of history at UC Santa Cruz, where she previously served as chair of the Feminist Studies Department.  Her scholarship focuses on the history of California, most notably highlighting native struggles, conquest, and themes of identity, gender, and immigration.

Professor Haas will be speaking about her book, Saints and Citizens: Indigenous Histories of Colonial Missions and Mexican California (2013).  Saints and Citizens is an account of early California history, when Spain and then Mexico laid claim to the land and its indigenous populations.  Her lecture will explore the creation of the Mission system and the lasting consequences they had on indigenous life.

The event will be Thursday, February 16th at 4:15, in Hahn 108.

This is the first of five lectures, all part of the History Department's spring 2017 lecture series  titled "Indigenous Americans: New Perspectives on the Past." For a full list of future events, visit our website.