The philosophy senior thesis, while not required, provides an opportunity to investigate a philosophical issue in depth and create sustained original work written on a topic that you choose in consultation with two readers.

The length of a thesis varies with the subject matter (anywhere from 45 to 60 pages). Your project should demonstrate mastery of your topic, including engagement with the relevant secondary literature, and contain original and insightful content. It can help to look over past philosophy theses, which are located in the philosophy department’s library (Pearsons 208).

During Fall you will complete the senior literature review on the basis of your chosen topic and readings. This literature review serves as a foundation for the thesis. After completing the literature review, but before beginning Spring semester, discuss with your potential thesis readers whether you should attempt the thesis in Spring.

For the thesis, you will need two readers. At least one reader must be in the Pomona Philosophy Department. If all agree with proceeding, then the Readers’ Agreement should be signed and turned in to the Academic Coordinator for Pomona’s Philosophy Department (Pearsons 208) at the beginning of Spring.

For more details, contact the Chair of the Philosophy Department.