Theatre Notable Alumni

A Selection of Outstanding 5C Graduates

George C. Wolfe, director

Richard Chamberlain, actor

Kris Kristofferson, musician/actor 

Michael Addison, artistic director

David Ward, film director & screenwriter (Major League)

James (Jim) Taylor, Academy Award-winning screenwriter (Sideways)

Ingrid Zimmer, associate director – Word Dance Theatre 

Casey Rafter, AEA stage manager (The Producers)

Kelly Perine, actor (One on One, The Drew Carey Show)

Rahmi Mowjood, medical doctor, radio actor

Daniel Senning, performer (Laurie Cameron & Company)

Karen Christopher, performance artist

George Weiss, actor

Jerrad Roberts, dancer and Laban certification

Maria Bernhard, screenwriter and published playwright

Alexa M. Stone, costume designer (assistant: Pirates of the Caribbean)

Mary Hong, dancer

Mary Thomas, Lessac voice teacher, college professor

Rose Portillo, actress

Aram Ebben, lighting designer

Scott Sala, film promotion

Matthew Beals, dancer and Chinese medicine

Robert Mandan, actor

Marla McClure, musical theatre dancer

Robert Taylor, actor (Ivanhoe)

Ames Ingham, actress, artistic director

Juan Lopez, costume designer (24)

Jesse Zaritt, dancer (Shen Wei Dance Arts)

Andrew Reinert, costume and scenery design professor

Thad Wong, professional dancer

Patrick Mueller, professional dancer

Vanessa Justice, dancer-choreographer