Audition sign up lists for our Fall productions will be posted in the theatre office by September 1, 2019.  Questions – email

Auditions are Friday, September 6 (6pm - 9pm) and Saturday, September 7 (1pm - 5pm).

Pippin and Red Velvet are available to be read in the theater office as of August 25, 2019.

Office Hours are Monday – Friday  8:30 – 4:30.  


Seaver Theatre

October 31 - November 3

One of the first musicals written by Stephen Schwartz (composer of WICKED and GODSPELL) and Roger Hirson,  PIPPIN is the coming of age story of Charlemagne’s oldest son. Utilizing anime style and hip-hop movement in this musical journey as Pippin wonders through the world of politics, love and war before finding his true calling.

Audition Requirements:

Prepare a 1-minute classical monologue, and 16 bars of a contemporary musical theater song with sheet music in the correct key.  

Please bring a resume with your photo attached.

For callbacks - please wear clothing suitable for dancing.


LEADING PLAYER - Male or female, narrator and guide for the band of players who act out the life and times of King Charlemagne’s son, Pippin. A roguish magician who appears throughout the play, introducing the characters, filling in much of the background and offering commentary on the goings-on.  Voice - baritone (high Ab).  Dancing - good dancer.

FASTRADA - conniving stepmother of Pippin and loyal mother of Lewis.  Devious, cunning.  Age - older, mature looking.  Voice - Belt or Mezzo (high D5).  Dancing - excellent featured dancer.

CATHERINE - wealthy widow and mother in love with Pippin.  Voice - sings well (high: Db5).  Dancing - good mover.

BERTHE - Pippin's irreverent, saucy grandmother.  Age - can look like a grandmother.  Voice - Alto, sings well.   Dancing - good mover.

LEWIS - vain, idiotic, ambitious half-brother of Pippin.  Loves weight lifting, showing off.  Voice - good ensemble singer.  Dancing - good dancer and poser.

THEO - Theo is son of Catherine and Pippin's friend.  Also plays young Pippin.  Age (can age 10).  Voice - good singer.  Dancing - good mover.

*PIPPIN - Earnest, attractive, bright and naïve son of Charlemagne who is searching for meaning in his life after recently graduating college.  Voice - tenor, sings well.  Dancing - Good mover.

*CHARLES - imposing, magnetic Holy Emperor of Rome. Age - older, mature.  Voice - Bass-baritone (high: E4).  Dancing - Excellent mover.

ENSEMBLE - 5 males, 5 females.  Beggars, peasants, nobles including featured roles such as The Head (dismembered head of a common man who died in the war), Field Marshall(military leader). 

*(The roles of Pippin and Charles have been cast as Senior Major Thesis Projects.)


by Lolita Chakrabarti

Allen Theatre

November 21 - 24

In the 19th century, London is the center of the theater world, and Edmund Kean, one of its most celebrated Shakespeareans, collapses during an 1833 star turn performance as Othello.  The part is offered to another celebrated actor, Ira Aldridge. What could go wrong?  Well, for one thing, Aldridge is an American. And for another, he is black. Meanwhile, Londoners are rioting on the streets to protest the newly ratified anti-slavery legislation.  Using the past to explore present cultural dynamics, the play examines issues from performance styles and gender roles to the lingering racism that dogged England after the country abolished slavery.  A tragic yet triumphant tale, it celebrates the human capacity to constantly evolve towards greater realms of understanding, compassion and expression.  

Audition Requirements:

Please prepare two contrasting monologues totaling no more than 5 minutes.  One verse/heightened text and one modern contemporary.  Contemporary monologues displaying facility with the following accents/languages appreciated but not necessary: Polish, British, French, Jamaican, and German

Please bring a resume with your photo attached.


CASIMIR (Can double as Henry Forrester) - White male, 20’s, German speaking Polish stage-hand. Inexperienced, low status and likes Halina.

HALINA WOZNIAK (Can double as Betty Lovell and Margaret Aldridge)– White female, 20’s. Polish journalist.  Bright, ambitious, frustrated with her life.

TERENCE (Can double as Bernard Warde)– White male, 50’s, English, Ira Aldridge’s valet and dresser.  Loyal, hard working.

CONNIE – Jamaican female, any age, experienced, servant. Wise beyond  her years and the voice of truth.

BETTY LOVELL – White female, 20’s, English, actress.  Self concerned, not clever but pleasant.

HENRY FORESTER – White male, 20’s, English actor.   Political, self -interested, ambitious and earnest.

BERNARD WARDE - White male, 50’s, English, actor. Old school, a bit lazy, opinionated and insecure.

CHARLES KEAN – White male, 30’s, English, actor (son of Edmund Kean). Grand but without the talent to support it. Suffers from being Edmund’s son.

ELLEN TREE – White female, late 20’s, English, a leading actress. Talented, motivated, classical but progressive.

PIERRE LAPORTE – White male, mid 30’s, French, manager of the theatre.  Revolutionary, entrepreneurial.

MARGARET ALDRIDGE – White female, 30’s, English, wife of Ira Aldridge, plain. Solid, trustworthy, Ira’s rock.

*IRA ALDRIDGE– Black male, 26/60, American, a leading actor.  Grand, charismatic, impatient, righteously indignant.   (Looking for UNDERSTUDY only)

*(The role of Ira Aldridge has been cast as a Senior Major Thesis Project.)