Audition sign up lists for our Spring productions will be posted in the theatre office by January 18, 2019.  Questions – email

Auditions are Friday, January 25 (6pm - 10pm)-Metamorphoses only; and Saturday, January 26 (1pm - 5pm)-both shows.

Metamorphoses and Crumbs from the Table of Joy are available to be read in the theater office as of December 17, 2018.

Office Hours are Monday – Friday  8:30 – 4:30.  (Closed over winter break)


Metamorphoses is a modern retelling of Ovid’s interwoven myths where gods, humans, and nature intermingle and collide. Through vignettes, we share in the humor and pathos of falling in love, despairing in loss, and discovering our deepest capacity for change and transformation. Metamorphoses, both exuberantly comedic and searingly tragic, follows a sequence of deeply human narratives that, according to Time Magazine, allows us “a glimpse of the divine.”

Written by Mary Zimmerman
Seaver Theatre
3/7 - 3/10

Audition Requirements

  • 1-2 minute monologue.  Some monologues from the play are in the office, if desired.
  • Please bring a resume with your photo attached.

Metamorphoses Character Breakdown  (15-17 roles available with double and triple casting expected)

Narrator #1: Guides us through the story; is the liaison between the gods, humans, and our audience. She is curious and gentle.

Narrator #2: Guides us through the story; is the liaison between the gods, humans, and our audience. She is pragmatic, but kind.

Narrator #3: Guides us through the story; is the liaison between the gods, humans, and our audience. She is melancholy, but strong.

Midas: Confident, greedy king. Learns that love is more important than money.

Midas’ Daughter: Curious, intelligent girl. Loves to explore as much as she loves her father.

Silenus: Drunk worshipper of Bacchus. World traveler.

Servant: Sardonic servant of King Midas.

Bacchus: God of wine and revelry. Never 100% sober.

Alcyone: Wife of Ceyx. Nervously awaiting his return from a dangerous mission.

Ceyx: Husband of Alcyone. Capable seafarer. Desperately trying to get back to his wife.

Poseidon: God of the sea. Has a mean streak, but can be gentle and merciful.

Hermes: The messenger. Provides safe passage to/from the underworld.

Aphrodite: Goddess of love. Envious, unpredictable, and obsessed with love.

Iris: Goddess of the rainbow. Precocious and agile. 

Sleep: God of sleep. Languid and authoritative. 

Erysichthon: Impulsive, thoughtless King. Becomes desperately, overwhelmingly cursed with hunger.

Erysichthon’s Mother: Wants to please and be loved by her son. 

Ceres: Goddess of the trees. Protective. Cunning.

Oread: A handmaid. Obedient. 

Hunger: Nightmarish. Driven and efficient.

Orpheus: Husband of Eurydice. His broken heart takes him to the underworld to retrieve his love.

Eurydice: Wife of Orpheus. Loves Orpheus deeply, even as she forgets him.

Hades: God of the underworld. Stern, but tenderhearted.

Pomona: Sweet forest nymph. Clever and empathic. 

Vertumnus: Goddess of the springtime. Obsessed with Pomona.

Cinyras: Loving father. Eager bedfellow. 

Phaeton: Apollo’s son. Petulant and moody. Devastated that he can’t have his father’s authority or validation.

Apollo: Phaeton’s father. God of the sun. Can sing like an angel.

Eros: Psyche’s husband. God of love. 

Psyche: Eros’ husband. Curious and daring. 

Baucis: Husband of Philemon. Kind and welcoming.

Philemon: Wife of Baucis. Kind and welcoming.

Zeus: God of gods/goddesses. Or Goddess or gods/goddesses.

Crumbs from the Table of Joy

Set in Brooklyn in 1950, recently widowed Godfrey and his teenage daughters Ernestine and Ermina have moved from Florida to Brooklyn. Godfrey has turned to Father Divine for guidance, the girls haven’t, and their mother’s sister arrives to promote communism, sexual freedom and the fight against racial discrimination. Into the mix comes a stepmother, Gerte, white, and an emigre from the horrors of Germany.  “The 1950s was such a moment in American history in which I felt so much change…everything I had seen was in black and white.  And I wanted to make it colorful” - Lynn Nottage.

Written by Lynn Nottage
Allen Theatre
4/11 - 4/14

Audition Requirements

  • Please prepare a monologue of your own choosing or you can do one from the show (suggestions in the theatre office).  They don't need to be memorized.
  • Please bring a resume with your photo attached.

Crumbs from the Table of Joy Character Breakdown of available parts

Ermina Crump: 15, African American, daughter 

Godfrey Crump: 35, African American, father of Ermina

Gerte Crump: 30, German

(The roles of Ernestine Crump and Lily Ann Green have been cast as senior major thesis projects.)