Production Crews and Stage Managers

Sign ups will be posted at a later time.

Students will have the opportunity to gain valuable "on the job" experience as Production Crew members on set, prop, costume, and make-up crews; as Technicians on lights and sound crews; as Stage Managers - all important to the success of rehearsals and performances. Theatre faculty and professional staff members and designers will provide guidance and expertise.  Join the team when Technical Rehearsals begin 6 days prior to Opening and become an integral and crucial part of the production.

We are looking for crew members in all areas including: Set, Props, Lighting, Sound, Costumes, and/or Make-up. (1/4 Course Credit available).

We're also looking for Stage Managers who will work hand in hand with the director at all rehearsals and run performances. (1/2 Course Credit available.)

Positions are open to all 5C students!

Optional Course Credit is Available

  • THEA 052C Theatre Production: Practicum (1/4 Credit)
  • THEA 052H Theatre Production: Practicum & Pedagogy (1/2 Credit)

For more information, contact Mary T. Rosier.