Mime Journal

Mime Journal was founded in 1974 and published by the Pomona College Department of Theatre and Dance since 1982. In 2014, the journal moved online, providing back issues and new content published in open access by The Claremont Colleges Library on Scholarship@Claremont.

The Druids/Bottom Line Theatre Group

The Druids/Bottom Line Theatre is the student-producing organization of the Pomona College Theatre for The Claremont Colleges!

The Druids' main goal is to ensure that students are able to take full advantage of, and enjoy their time and interactions with theatre. You can email us at blt.druids@gmail.com or put a note in the Druids mailbox (located in the Theatre office) if you have any question or comments.

Local Internships


Kitimat (production in 2014-15 Season)

Playwright Elaine Ávila reflects on her work Kitimat, which debuted at Pomona College in the 2014-15 season.