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A Little Night of Music

Come listen to songs made by 5c students!
A Little Night of Music ​

Musical Theatre Micro Commission Showcase
Presented by Professors Anne Harley and Giovanni Ortega

Thursday, December 3
6:00-7:30pm PST

Creative Team:
Music Director: Janice Wainwright
Choreographer: Janelle Dote
Guest Director: Ruth Pongstaphone

Please click the link below to join the Showcase

Micro-Commission Performances
in collaboration with Scripps College
Join students from Prof. Anne Harley's Voice for Musical Theatre (SCR MUS 092) 
and Prof. Giovanni Ortega's Musical Theatre Performance (PO THEA091)
perform original lyrics that they wrote in collaboration with international artists.

Funded by: The Rick and Susan Sontag Center for Collaborative Creativity and EnviroLab Asia

Bosba Pan, Yii Kah Hoe, Gao Ping, Zora Smith, Kristen Rosenfeld & Marc Macalintal 

Performers and Lyricists:
Isha Singh
Aviva Miller
Thuy-Linh Le
Jeannette Hunker
Amelia Huchley
Annemarie Gerlach
Perrin Williams
Cathy Cai
Rosie Corr
Rieanna Duncan
Annika Hoseth
Charlotte Jing
Lila Avendaño Dreyfuss
Lucy Kirkpatrick
Regina Gabrielle Famatigan