Romance Languages and Literatures Major

Become fluent in both French and Spanish—including the languages, literatures, cultures and Francophone and Hispanic countries’ histories. 

As a Romance Languages and Literatures student, you will become a skilled communicator in both French and Spanish, equipped by advanced study of the languages, literary texts, respective countries and multifaceted cultures.

Classes are rigorous explorations and critical analyses of the finest French and Spanish literatures, as well as their cinema, theater, politics, histories and philosophies.

As a major, you will study abroad, choosing from programs in France, Cameroon, Senegal, Spain and Latin America, and reside in Oldenborg Center for one year to develop your fluency. 

In class with Professor David Divita
In class with Professor David Divita
Ongoing discussion after Professor Mary
Ongoing discussion after Professor Mary Coffey’s class in Mason Hall
French class
French class
In class with Professor Margaret Waller
In class with Professor Margaret Waller

What You’ll Study

    • Advanced French and Spanish language courses
    • Courses on the literary and cultural traditions
    • French and Spanish philosophies and histories
    • How to articulate effective formal oral arguments
    • Senior thesis or senior paper
We offer approved study abroad programs in 11 French- and Spanish-speaking nations.

Learning at Pomona

"L’Objectif et le miroir: Alejo Carpentier, Frida Kahlo, et le Surréalisme en Amérique latine"

"L’Objectif et le miroir: Alejo Carpentier, Frida Kahlo, et le Surréalisme en Amérique latine" Haley Clifton Ferguson '18

She examined two different interactions between Latin American intellectuals and French Surrealism, focusing on the examples of Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier and Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, vocal critics of Surrealism, arguing that their works reveal appropriation rather than rejection.

Angela Pico book cover

“Childhood Amidst the Ravages of War”: Angela Pico ’16

Angela wrote a book in Spanish about a woman she interviewed who lived during the La Violencia Colombian civil war in the 1940s.

Max Ober
Max Ober ’22

As a native English speaker, the major allowed me to broaden my horizons past anglophone literature and the American and Western cultural canons. By choosing the RLL major, I was able to expand my knowledge in both French- and Spanish-speaking contexts.

Faculty & Teaching

Among our French and Spanish professors are gifted writers, cultural critics, historians and linguists. They are also attentive teachers who will mentor you on your linguistic, literary and cultural journeys. 

Professor Margaret Waller

Thanks to small classes, close student-faculty interaction, and study abroad in the languages, literatures and cultures of the French and Spanish-speaking worlds, our students receive invaluable opportunities for personal and intellectual growth in an interconnected world. Alums have found this an excellent foundation for work they care about passionately—whether they go on to medical, law and graduate school, or enter other fields right away.