Pomona College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and a statement of the College's accreditation status can be viewed on the WASC website.  The College recently completed a reaccreditation review, a process that involved three phases over multiple years:

  1. The Proposal (spring 2007)
  2. Capacity & Preparatory Review (spring 2009)
  3. Educational Effectiveness Review (spring 2011)

Since Pomona's previous accreditation by WASC, in 2002, the landscape of accreditation has changed considerably, including a greater emphasis on the collection and analysis of evidence on educational effectiveness and student learning.  The process of reaccreditation within this new context provided an opportunity for the Pomona College community to affirm its highest educational aspirations and demonstrate its commitment to ongoing improvement in the context of WASC's four Standards. In response, WASC reaffirmed the College's accreditation in July 2011.

A number of resources are available to support the community in its understanding of WASC's expectations.  Further information may also be obtained from the College's accreditation liaison officer, Associate Dean of the College Mary Coffey.