Explore Pomona College Through Data

The Information Center is a gateway to data and information on a variety of topics central to the Pomona College mission.  Resources are curated with an eye toward frequently asked questions by a variety of audiences and with the goal of facilitating access, sense-making and synthesis across many domains of activity and sources of data at the College. 

Summary Statistics

Explore a broad array of summary data about the College as a whole.  Data comport with standard formats for presenting accurate, reliable and meaningful information for use in a variety of reporting and decision-making contexts.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are core to Pomona's mission and values and form the basis of a rigorous liberal arts education.  Pomona's vision for the future is anchored in these principles, articulated in the 2015 plan for diversity, Lighting the Path to 2025.

Academic and Co-Curricular Engagement

Pomona students follow their passions in many directions and actively engage in activities outside, alongside, and within the classroom.  These high-impact practices (HIPs) are the source of transformative development and learning for students and a cornerstone of the Pomona College experience.

Find out more about some of the activities at Pomona designed to promote high-impact learning, including:

Student Learning


Explore the milestones, pathways, destinations and accomplishments of Pomona students and alumni.  From graduation to first professional destinations, from a major to advanced degrees, and from first jobs to long careers with unpredictable twists and turns, Pomona College strives to prepare students who "bear their added riches" in a multitude of ways throughout their lives.

Campus Organization