At Pomona, the purpose of assessment is to create a forum for continuous reflection and dialogue about goals for student learning, to inform faculty professional development, and ultimately to extend and deepen the transformative reach of a Pomona College education. This work is informed by departmental, general education and institutional learning goals

Pomona is committed to a philosophy and practice of assessment that:

  • Is grounded in authentic and meaningful student work
  • Integrates into what faculty already do
  • Provides a vehicle for critical reflection on pedagogy and curricula
  • Illuminates actionable next steps

Key coordinating bodies for assessment include:

Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) - The TLC is the main faculty body that oversees a program of institutional assessment of student learning. The TLC works to promote student learning and achievement by sustaining faculty in their development as teachers. The TLC encourages critical reflection, pedagogical experimentation, and innovation in teaching, and actively fosters an informed and collaborative dialogue among faculty on matters relating to teaching, learning, and assessment.

Academic Dean's Office - The Academic Dean's Office prioritizes and coordinates resources to support teaching, learning and curriculum development at the College, including faculty engagement in assessment practices such as program self-studies. One associate dean takes the lead on this coordination and serves (ex-officio) on the TLC.

Office of Institutional Research - As part of its mission to use data to inform teaching and learning, the OIR maintains longitudinal indicators and benchmarks on a number of topics relevant to Pomona's educational mission and conducts targeted studies on these topics. The director serves (ex-officio) on the TLC and consults on the design of institutional assessment studies.

Division of Student Affairs - Student affairs directs an active program of assessment around several core outcomes for student development.

In addition, reviews of general education are coordinated by the Curriculum Committee on a periodic basis. Together, the work of these many entities and partnerships across campus serve to promote an empirical basis for student learning and success at Pomona.