Faculty Development

The Pomona College Faculty Development Program consists of three primary elements:

Pomona Faculty Partners: faculty members new to the College are paired with a member of the faculty who have several years of experience at the College. People who would like to serve as partners should be both interested in helping a colleague acclimate to Pomona’s culture and excited about the new ideas and different perspectives a newcomer brings to our campus community. The dean’s office hosts gatherings for faculty partners to come together and hold discussions in small groups two or three times each semester.

Programming: the dean’s office, working in collaboration with others on campus, keeps a calendar of events designed to provide information, networking, and guidance to faculty on a variety of topics. The full calendar of events is updated regularly.

Membership in the National Center for Faculty Diversity and Development (NCFDD): NCFDD offers a host of resources at no cost to individual faculty members, including support for writing, connection to others, and free webinars.