Sponsored Research for Faculty

headshots of professors Julie Tannenbaum and Joanne Nucho

Pomona Professors Julie Tannenbaum and Joanne Nucho Awarded National Endowment for the Humanities’ Summer Stipends

Wallace Meyer, Nelia Perry ’24, Sy’Vanna Bartlett ’24 and Andre Cavalcanti

Professors Wallace Meyer and Andre Cavalcanti Receive $1.6 Million Award to Conserve Hawaiian Land Snails

Joseph Osborn

Prof. Joseph Osborn Awarded Digital Humanities Advancement Grant

Professor Jade Star Lackey working in a mountainous setting

Prof. Jade Star Lackey Receives NSF Grant to Study Halogen Behavior in Sierra Nevada Granite

Professors Wallace "Marty" Meyer and Nina Karnovsky stand in the Bernard Field Station.

NSF Grant Funds Start of an Undergraduate Research Network in Ecology Led by Pomona Professors


External grants are a significant source of research funding for Pomona College faculty and students. Faculty members bring in several million dollars each year by winning competitive awards for sponsored research and research training activities; these funds come from federal programs, other public agencies, and private philanthropic foundations. Sponsored research awards support student research assistants during the summer and academic year; faculty summer activities; laboratory and field equipment and supplies; research subject payments and other research expenses and supplies, including publication costs; travel to carry out fieldwork, attend research conferences, and disseminate results; and supplementary campus infrastructure necessary to support external awards.

The Office of the Academic Dean and the Business Office, in conjunction with departmental coordinators, administer sponsored research grants at Pomona College. The Director of Sponsored Research, in collaboration with a Grants Accountant and Associate Dean for Research and Infrastructure, oversees government-sponsored funds for research. This web portal provides key information on grant management, specific responsibilities, policies, and regulatory information.

For information on foundation and corporate-sponsored research, please visit the Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations.