Foundations Relations & Strategic Initiatives

Learn More About the Office of Foundations Relations & Strategic Initiatives

Our Mission

The Office of Foundations Relations & Strategic Initiatives identifies funding opportunities for strategic initiatives from foundations, corporations and other external funders to secure external funding in support of the mission and ambitions of Pomona College.

Foundation and corporate donors have contributed essential funding for scholarship support, academic facilities and program grants that have enriched the student experience and that could not have been funded without such support. The Office of Foundation & Corporate Relations:

  • identifies foundation and corporate funders whose areas of interest match the College’s institutional priorities
  • builds and cultivates relationships with these donors
  • and prepares funding requests (proposals) for institutional and faculty grants

The Foundation and Corporate Relations (FCR) team coordinates foundation and corporate activities at the College. Our primary function is to develop institutional grant proposals to private foundations and corporate donors, as well as work individually with faculty who are developing proposals to private foundations for research grants and fellowships. The FCR team works closely with the Office of Sponsored Research in the Dean’s Office and offer grant writing assistance to Pomona College faculty who are seeking support from private foundations. Pomona encourages faculty and staff grant-seeking and we will work with faculty to give them the resources and guidance they may need to write a proposal that is compelling, targeted, and has the best possible chance of getting funded.

Additionally, Foundation and Corporation Relations seeks to keep the College aware of issues in higher-education philanthropy and general philanthropic trends and coordinate with each of The Claremont Colleges to develop and write consortial proposals, reports, and stewardship events.

How FCR Can Assist You

The primary responsibility of the Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations is to support institutional priorities and submit institutional proposals. In addition, we offer the following support services to members of the Pomona College community:

  • researching and identifying possible funding sources, for example sabbatical support or funders for specific research projects
  • assisting with conceptualizing, drafting, proofreading, editing, and providing feedback on draft proposals
  • providing models of successful proposals
  • providing/researching statistical information about Pomona students, courses, alumni, and other institutional data
  • providing standard supporting documentation for the proposal, such as the federal tax exemption letter, the audited financial report for the College, a Board list, etc.
  • connecting people on campus to others who may be able to serve as a resource
  • determining indirect costs and benefits rates
  • photocopying grant application components, collating, and submitting proposals
  • serving as a liaison with the Academic Dean's Office and the Business Office
  • coordinating with the Dean’s Office regarding an institutional letter of support or nomination letter

For additional information or questions, please contact Martina Ebert, senior director, Foundation Relations and Strategic Initiatives, by phone at (909) 621-8141 or emailing Martina.

Matching Gifts

Individual donors may be eligible to increase their contributions to Pomona through matching gift programs sponsored by their employers. If your employer provides this option, please contact Martina Ebert, senior director, Foundation Relations and Strategic Initiatives, by phone at (909) 621-8141 or emailing Martina. We will follow up with your employer as needed. We are grateful to donors who support the College’s educational mission!