Search for External Grant Sources

GrantForward (GF) at is an online funding-search platform to which Pomona subscribes and to which all faculty members have convenient access with their SSO logins. The GF system was developed and is maintained by a Cazoodle, a company led and cofounded by computer science professor Kevin C.C. Chang and his students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

GF is a supplemental tool to explore and learn about grant opportunities, not a replacement or substitute for the individualized grant development services that Pomona’s offices of Sponsored Research and Foundation Relations provide to faculty and staff.

GF offers a variety of features to individual faculty creators and research investigators, including a sophisticated search engine that enables any faculty or staff member at Pomona to explore grant opportunities (including fellowship, training, production, and exhibition opportunities) on their own at their convenience, also to schedule regular automated updates of grant opportunities tailored to their own specifications.

To access GF, point a web browser at Select Log In, NOT Sign Up. In the resulting window, enter a Pomona email address, but do not enter a password. The sentence "Institution account detected. Click here to use Single Sign-On" should appear. By choosing this, an interface will enable login using Pomona SSO information and then open the personal landing page.

Whenever exiting the GF site, it is best to do that by deleting the tab rather than signing out of the account. GF will then recognize the browser when returning to

Funding Search and Grant Recommendation Service

Which sponsors, solicitations, and awards does GrantForward cover?

GF covers more than 20,000 public and private sponsors worldwide, providing a comprehensive database of more than 80,000 funding opportunities linked with more than 6,000 solicitations (invitations to applicants), pre-solicitations (notices of intent, requests for information), and more than 2 million funded grant and fellowship awards—numbers that continue to grow with the most up-to-date information.

What are GrantForward’s search features?

Faculty members may initiate searches on GF for pertinent grant opportunities and related information at any time using intuitive filter menus and keyword boxes like those in online shopping apps, enabling fine-tuning of search results, drilling down from sponsors to programs to individual awards, and finding whatever award details a funding agency publishes. Search specifications using menus, lists, and free-form entry of keywords may be saved and may be scheduled for periodic updates and notifications.

A sample search page (right).

What are GrantForward’s researcher profiles?

Profiles of individual researcher allow each faculty member to highlight and detail their research achievements and interests and help GF formulate personalized grant recommendations that match their research needs and interests. Most Pomona faculty members’ profiles have been created and seeded by uploading information from our public website,, If profile information has not been fully seeded, individuals may upload a CV to be scanned and/or provide information manually. Profiles may be edited, updated, made fully public or only within the Pomona community, and used to help generate custom GF grant updates of interest.

A sample of the lead section of profile information (right).

How can I learn more about using GrantForward?

GF provides a wide range of user support information in text, video, and graphic formats, including the GF Researcher Welcome Guide and the YouTube Channel which has hourlong webinars such as Using GrantForward as a Researcher and one- to three-minute tutorials such as How Can I Find New Sponsors for My Research?, How Can I Generate My Research Interests When Creating My Profile?, How Can I Share Selected Grants With My Colleagues?, and numerous others.

The GF Support page has a complete list of learning resources, and faculty members are always welcome to contact Foundation Relations for assistance.