Academic Dean's Office
Robert R. Gaines
Robert R. Gaines
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College; Edwin F. and Martha Hahn Professor of Geology
Alexander Hall 223
(909) 621-8674
Kerry Roccia
Kerry Roccia
Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs
Alexander Hall 224

Areas of Expertise: Dean’s Calendar, Dean’s Events, Faculty Meeting, and Educational Quality Committee of the Board of Trustees.

(909) 621-8137
Mary Kate Haney
Mary Kate Arceo
Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
Alexander Hall 220

Areas of Expertise: FPC and Cabinet Support, Wig Fund Budgets, and Wig Grants Administration

(909) 607-3452
Tony Boston
Tony D. Boston
Senior Associate Dean of the College and Special Advisor to the President; Associate Professor of Physical Education and Men's Cross Country and Track and Field Coach
Alexander Hall 234

Areas of Expertise: Faculty Diversity Initiatives, Faculty Searches, and Accreditation Officer

(909) 621-8497
Anne Dwyer
Anne Dwyer
Associate Dean of the College; Associate Professor of German and Russian
Alexander Hall 236

Areas of Expertise: Faculty Development and Mentoring, Curriculum Planning, International Initiatives, Teaching and Learning

(909) 621-8526
Dean Gerstein
Dean Gerstein
Director of Sponsored Research
Alexander Hall 225

Areas of Expertise: Research Funding Opportunities and Grant Proposals (government), Research Development, Regulatory Compliance, Research Agency Relations

(909) 621-8328
Amanda Jorgensen
Amanda Jorgensen
Grants Administrator
Alexander Hall 221

Areas of Expertise:  Faculty Research Grants (Internal Research Grants), Faculty Research Conference Travel Grants (Travel Policy), Summer Undergraduate Research Program, Sabbatical Accrual (Leaves)

(909) 607-0111
Sabina Klemm
Sabina Klemm
Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
Alexander Hall 221

Areas of Expertise: Administrative Support for Faculty Associate Deans Initiatives and MMUF Support.

(909) 621-8518
Janise Roselle
Janise Roselle
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Alexander Hall 219

Areas of Expertise: Faculty Review, Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure (FPC), Wig Fund, PAC Sustainability, Faculty Handbook, and Grade Changes

(909) 607-1747
Hector Sambolin
Hector Sambolin Jr.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Academic Success and Assessment
Alexander Hall 236

Areas of Expertise: Assessment, Sage Fellows Peer Academic Coaching Program, and Mellon Mays Undergraduate Program (5C MMUF)

(909) 607-7159
Katrina Sitar
Katrina Sitar
Director of Academic Administration
Alexander Hall 226

Areas of Expertise: Faculty Personnel, Liberal Arts Advising, and Academic Coordinator Liaison

(909) 607-2831
Katherine Stephens
Katherine Stephens
Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Seaver South 108

Areas of Expertise: Laboratory Safety, Hazardous Waste, Safety Training, Chemical Hygiene Plan, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Supervisor: David Tanenbaum, Associate Dean of the College
Emergency Information
Emergency Response Team

(909) 607-7359
Stacie Takase
Stacie Takase
Operations Coordinator for Academic Affairs
Alexander Hall 222

Areas of Expertise: Dean's Office Coordinator, Budgets, and Faculty Search Support-Temporary and Tenure Track

(909) 621-8676
Prof. David Tanenbaum
David M. Tanenbaum
Associate Dean of the College; Professor of Physics
Alexander Hall 233

Areas of Expertise: Faculty Research Support, Deputy Title IX Coordinator- Grievance Intake Officer, Academic Space Management (E&A), IRB, and IACUC

(909) 621-8722